Say "Thank You"

Thank your guest for staying at your place, and let them know it was a pleasure hosting them. Post-trip thank you notes provide friendly closure on the guest’s travel experience. As a non-obligatory gesture, doing so should validate their great stay or smooth out any unpleasantness that took place throughout the booking.

In both scenarios, the guest is more likely to look back favorably on their stay, or be more inclined to overlook anything that was less than favorable. All of this adds up to a higher likelihood of receiving a better guest review.

Request a Review

Guests are also encouraged, but not obliged, to review their hosts upon the completion of their stay. Airbnb will send them a notification reminding them and encouraging them to do  so – but the guest is still able to ignore these requests should they so choose.

Writing a personal note at the completion of the stay – especially one that kindly requests the completion of the review process and emphasizing the criticality of reviews as being the lifeblood of hosting on Airbnb – will provide an additional and personalized impetus for the guest to do so.

You’re also able to let the guest know that you’ll be positively reviewing them, which should hopefully result in a reciprocal positive review from them to you too.

Being strategic with the timing of reviews is covered in greater detail here.

Provide Future Discounts

Many hosts offer small discounts (typically 5-10%) for return stays. You’re also able to offer your guest a discount that they’re able to pass on to friends and family as well.

If they or their friends and family take you up on the offer, you’ve gained the benefit of having secured an additional reservation and future revenue. If they don’t, you’ve still provided added value and something that can only increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews after having left a good taste in their mouth.


Below is an example message you may wish to adapt for sending to a guest following the immediate conclusion of their trip:


I just wanted to say thank you for choosing to stay at my place. It was a pleasure hosting you, and you are welcome back anytime in the future! I’ll be sure to be writing a positive review.

If you too had a good trip, could I please ask that you complete the review process and share any thoughts on your experience. It only takes a couple of minutes, and reviews truly are the lifeblood of hosting on Airbnb. I’d be super appreciative!

As a small token of appreciation, I offer a 5% discount on any future stays for previous guests whom I have enjoyed hosting. If you ever return and need somewhere to stay, please send me a message and I’ll get back to you with a Special Offer.

Thank you once again.

Want help communicating with your guests after their stay? Explore guest communication services able to assist you:

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