24/7 Customer engagement. Real profit. Real smart.

In your business, there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

That’s why RealVoice has a menu of services for you to choose from, so you can select only what you need. Our services and options give you the flexibility of bursting your service when your demand peaks, without the cost and burden on your side.

Below are the services we offer – might we suggest the 24/7 Live Reservation Booking with a side of Lead Conversion? They pair very well.

  • 24/7 Live Reservation Booking: RealVoice, the 24/7/365 Customer Engagement Center, will handle all your calls, leads, emails and chat and convert them into paying and staying guests. This option frees you up to focus on operations, staffing controls and building your inventory base. Best news here ‐ you only pay for what you get! This is a completely pay for performance service ‐ which means a greater ROI for you.
  • Overflow/After Hours Services: A flexing option to the service above, this allows you to flow calls and contacts that you cannot or do not want to handle to RealVoice. This is a great tool allowing you to plan your cost model in a more ROI format.
  • Sales Cross-Sell, Up-sell: Selling for you is the name of the game. From adding more inventory to your site, adding more listings to your site or just plain old cold calling guests, all we need from you is a list that you want called! This option is completely flexible to your business need is priced to make you money.
  • Lead Conversion: This is an option that you can add on to any existing service, or stand-alone, that allows you to decrease your response time and increase your bookings on a whim. Leads can either be delivered to an agent via the phone system (DRAMATICALLY reducing response time) or via normal channels. Agents will follow up on that lead until it is booked or they receive a definite no. (the latter is quite rare.)
  • Social Media Response: RealVoice Social Media monitoring and response is live, REAL responses and engagement with your customers and your marketing strategies. We do not use spam, bulk likes and or any other “easy” button techniques.
  • Email Management: Our email management for your brand is integrated with our other services; including customer care, questions, reservation inquiries, maintenance support, pre and post marketing and return guests. We respond to customers via the channel that best supports the guest needs and wishes. If we find a phone call is the best, we will call the guest. If we see that the guest prefers email, we will email the guest.
  • Chat Services: With live chat sales, RealVoice is always here to welcome and assist your website’s visitors. We provide an easy and convenient channel to engage your customers and to quickly respond to their queries with a real person. We don’t have automated responses and we always have a live person ready to help them, making your website an interactive sales channel!
  • Interactive Voice Response: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is all about sell service, and these days, many guests prefer that. Designed properly, IVR’s can help your customers get the help they need faster and more efficiently. RealVoice offers many IVR application set up: from Lead generation, automated surveys, Help lines, FAQ’s, and reservation status. How can we help you properly design what your guests want?
  • Outbound Sales Campaign: RealVoice will assist you in your sales and marketing strategies. Our Outbound sales campaigns can be set up in a variety of options. Need a real voice talking to a potential lead? No problem. Or ask about Automated Voice Broadcasting – the ability to send out thousands of calls communicating time-critical sales information or follow up to a marketing campaign.
  • Crisis Management: Let’s face it, emergencies occur, problems present themselves and “Murphy’s Law” happens. How you respond to these separates you from your competition. RealVoice offers crisis management in several forms to enable you to respond to this issues the way you want them responded to. We handle your urgent calls, after hour’s maintenance calls and emergency responses (non-life threatening) according to your set of standard operating procedures and report them back to you with first call resolution expertise.
  • Revenue Management: It’s more than just setting rates… RealVoice revenue management trains you on the finer points of inventory management, channel analysis, source of business reporting, competitive set analysis and historical data deep dive.
  • Guest Surveys: Guest feedback and correspondence is the corner stone of customer service tracking. RealVoice Surveys allows you to perform confirmation email, pre-stay marketing pieces and post stay guest surveys and feedback. Anticipating the guest needs puts you miles ahead of your competition.

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