We are building the future for short-term rentals.

What is Smartbnb?
Smartbnb is the property management solution that centralizes all your properties in one convenient dashboard and automates communication with guests, yet sounds totally human. Trusted by the owners of and managers of 167,818+ properties in 140+ countries.


  • Win more bookings by offering an excellent experience to your guests.
  • Get more and better reviews by automating the process.
  • Respond to guests’ questions instantly without moving a finger.
  • Win your time from routine by automating team management tasks.
  • Forget about double bookings and other cross-platform issues.


  • Messages automation. Our AI will recognize guests’ questions and answer them on your behalf. We’ll cover the whole journey from pre-booking questions to a “thank you, come again” note. Your guests will never guess they were texting with a robot thanks to a magnitude of templates, customization options, and your canned responses.
  • Reviews automation. We will submit your guest review at the right time based on the star rating you want to assign. We will remind the guest to leave their review if they haven’t done so.
  • Team management. Assign tasks to your cleaners and assistants, and send reminders by email or SMS. There’s no room for human error – all communication will be accurate and timely.
  • Synchronize your reservations. View all your Airbnb and Vrbo bookings in one dashboard. Double-bookings are technically impossible now.
  • Single unified inbox. See and manage all your messages from Airbnb and Vrbo in one window. Keep the communication history of returning guests

Pricing Description
Pay a flat fee each month for only those listings that have earned you revenue. Starting at $18 for up to 2 properties. No other fees, cancel anytime.

Great support + user friendly!

I had looked around to comparable PMS platforms and found Hospitable to be the most user friendly. Although they are still releasing updates to compete better with the other platforms, it is worth the wait! They keep you informed and are transparent of their updates + difficulties weekly / monthly which is great! Especially when there is an outage or disconnect to a booking platform. Looking forward to the new features to come!

Absolutely no support!!! I am giving them 1 star because 0 is…

I am giving them 1 star because 0 is not an option! Most of the time their site works - been using it for years, but I am fed up because customer support DOES NOT EXIST!!! THere is no number you can call. Their pop-chat doesn't pop, they have taken great pains to be sure you cannot connect with anyone there unless you book a call weeks in advance. I have experienced this where you cannot book a call on any dates because they only take them up to 2 weeks in advance and they are all booked!!! If you have an issue requiring immediate attention - as I have had - you are stuck! Right now I have a VRBO customer who thinks they have made a reservation with me - over $1k for me - it shows up as booked in Hospitable (inHospitable IMO) and so Hospitable blocked it in VRBO before the reservation could go through. The customer is calling me because they have been told by Hospitable that their reservation is completed, but it isn't because of software at Hospitable. This is the last time. I'm looking for another provider. THey are truly horrible for support. THey have taken every step possible to be sure you cannot connect with anyone and increase their support costs. THis isn't the first time this has happened to me with them, but I hope it will be the last!

From Hospitable to Hostaway and back. For good.

I started using Hospitable in 2018 to help us manage our Airbnb. At the time we only had (1) listing, but the auto-messaging was extremely helpful for us since we self-manage. Over the years Hospitable has added features in a very thoughtful way that has helped us get better and better as hosts and managers. A few months ago I switched systems and tried out Hostaway. They had a couple features that I thought were really going to be helpful, but ultimately all of those features fell short. Their dashboard, messaging, and customer service were all delayed. If we set a message to go out at check-in, they would consistently send 10 minutes late causing us more back and forth with guests who wanted to know how to get in to their rental, etc. Needless to say I am happily back using Hospitable and don't intend on switching it up again. I have nothing but great things to say about this company, this app, and look forward to growing our portfolio with their tech.