We are building the future for short-term rentals.

We automate the digital chores of managing your Airbnb business. We want to make it easier to be an Airbnb host. No need to be glued to your device. You can work, sleep, enjoy life in peace. 

  • Be more profitable: Benchmark your performance, fine-tune your price, monitor your placement in search results.
  • Nail your communication: Automate your messaging flows, from inquiry to check-out, and stay always in control.
  • Reduce stress and fatigue: Focus on the things that matter to you, and find more joy in accommodating your guests.

Our components will work for you – set them up once, then they will work for you 24/7…

  • Messaging: Automate all your communications
  • Market: Actionable intel on your competitive position
  • HeartbeatsImprove your ranking, reassure your guests
  • CheckpointSecure more reservations with ID
  • Inbox: Communicate with guests and manage bookings from all your Airbnb accounts
  • Stealth: Simple privacy protection for your listing
  • Flights tracking: Automatically track your guests’ flights
  • Calendar: Track your listings’ activity across all accounts, and soon, platforms
  • Reviews: Never write another review again!

Sample Messaging Flows to Save Time

  • Events – From inquiry to booking: Automate all messages in your pipeline, from inquiry to reservation, with powerful options to increase your bookings.
  • Reservations – Before, during, and after the stay: Schedule any automatic messages such as check-in or check-out instructions, welcome messages and reviews reminders.
  • Teams – Plan with cleaners, staff & owners: Immediately book cleaning or Airbnb concierge services. Notify them of a cancellation. Inform owners in real time.
  • Reviews – Fully adaptable to your guests: Publish reviews automatically, randomized from your templates. You can always control your feedback.

Why are We Trusted?

  • Tailor your guest experience for every stay.
  • Send native Airbnb messages.
  • From booking enquiry to review publication.
  • Respond within 30 seconds (to improve your ranking!).
  • 29 supported languages for a superior guest experience.
  • Live Quotes to confirm rates in your guests’ currency.
  • Short Codes to customize your messages.
  • Timezone Control to send messages at the right time.
  • Inbox to communicate and manage bookings.
  • Teams to plan with cleaners, concierge, owners…
  • Flights tracking to monitor your guests’ flights and plan check-in.
  • Automatic reviews to never write a review ever again!
  • Auto approvals of new inquiries and expired pre-approvals.
  • Review reminders skipped when the guest leaves a review.
  • Bend the software to your will with our white glove customer service.

 Pick Your Strategy

  • Automatic mode: Improve your ranking and boost your conversion rate! Automatic reply to your guests within 30 seconds, when your guests are still on Airbnb, and before they contact anyone else!
  • Defensive mode: Are you available? You may reply yourself using a prepared message. If you are not, the message will be automatically sent after some time (if you still need us, of course).
  • Passive mode: No messages will ever be sent, but you will immediately receive a prepared message for your response. You save time and retain absolute control.

Easy to Configure, Adapt an Test

  • Predictable: Not sure what will be written? Simulate what your messages would look like against previous inquiries and reservations, with live Airbnb data.
  • Pre-loaded with templates: No time required to set things up: adapt our pre-charged templates in English and French, activate when you are happy, and voilà, you are good to go.
  • 29 languages, 44 currencies: Just like Airbnb, we support 29 languages. If you have templates in one language, and your guest writes to you in that language, they will receive a reply in that language. You may also give a quote with the total amount of the reservation, in your guest’s own currency (including fees and taxes).
  • Customizable with smart short codes: Rather than copy-pasting a generic message to save time, you can now use smart placeholders that will be completed with data relevant for every guest, for every stay, for every inquiry or reservation. From your guest’s first name to their check-out date, up to 17 short codes are available to automatically personalize your message with actual details for each booking.
  • Adaptable with your own codes: With Custom codes, you can automatically adapt your message according to the specifics of each reservation or inquiry. More than 20 conditions are available, each customizable with our short codes.

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If you are serious about your short…

If you are serious about your short term rental business smartbnb is an absolute must!!! It not only improves your service to your customer but also allows you to better manage your key operational tasks and increase your income! Can’t recommend smartbnb enough!!