Vacation Rental data to set you apart. Insights to keep you ahead.

AirDNA turns industry-savvy, short-term rental data into strategic, actionable analytics. As the world’s leading provider of short-term vacation rental data and analytics, we track the daily performance of over 10 million listings in 80,000 markets globally on Airbnb, HomeAway, and more.

Our machine learning algorithms have revolutionized the industry by deciphering true revenue potential and market demand based on booked, and not blocked, reservations. Airbnb hosts, vacation rental managers, hoteliers, and real estate investors all rely on AirDNA’s vacation rental insights to optimize their listings, find lucrative properties, and outperform the competition.

Market Minder

Cutting-edge vacation rental insights. One integrated platform.

  • Competitive Research – Industry-leading data that drives the market. Gain valuable competitive insights on Airbnb rental properties. Use interactive maps to explore the performance of specific neighborhoods and individual vacation rental properties. Understand key short-term rental trends and learn how to outperform the competition in over 80,000 cities worldwide.
  • Data-Driven Pricing – Real-time insights to set the perfect price every day. What events are really driving up rates and occupancy in your area? At what times are guests willing to pay a premium? How likely are you to be booked last minute? Take control of your revenue management by taking the guesswork out of your pricing strategy


  • Benchmark Your Performance – Personalized insights on how your properties perform against their peers. Upload your Airbnb host ID to instantly see the performance of all of your vacation rental listings. See how your rentals stack up against twenty of the most relevant competitors. Get unprecedented insights into your true competition and learn what knobs to turn to dial up your financial performance.

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Investment Explorer

Find the best short-term vacation rental markets.

  • Better Real Estate Investing – Uncover the most profitable U.S. cities. Analyze markets, drilling into zip codes and specific properties, to understand the revenue potential of short-term vacation rentals anywhere in the country. Trusted by Blackstone, McKinsey and CBRE, AirDNA combines Airbnb vacation rental data with real estate data from Zillow to run buy-to-rent and rent-to-rent investing scenarios. Capitalize on the short-term rental demand created by Airbnb and HomeAway.
  • Localize Your Strategies – Make smarter investment decisions. Using local market seasonality and ten other property signals, AirDNA calculates the revenue potential of each individual vacation rental property. Benchmark rental performance data on over 8,000 cities and accurately estimate the returns of Airbnb rental investments across the United States.

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This so-called service is a rip off

This so-called service is a rip off! Thankfully, I only paid for 1 month! The folks putting it together aren't customer service and business oriented. They are simply computer folks with no business ore customer service experience. I tried to see if my daughter and sons-in-law home in Colorado Springs would have good Airbnb potential and couldn't get anything, because I'm in North Carolina and am only signed up for one small area. of 122 units. I can get up to 999 units, in one territory, for the same price, which makes no sense. Communication is poor with this company as they probably set behind their computers and theorize how it should be done. Millennials have little practical experience but want to tell the world how everything should be done. I was really hoping this would be a good service, but in their own little tunnel vision minds, they know everything. I am cancelling ASAP!