Welcome your guests to a memorable vacation

Create beautiful mobile friendly guestbooks for your properties and area in minutes. Stay in touch with your guests before, during and after their stay with smart messaging.

What RueBaRue Can Help You Do

  • Go paperless and stay up-to-date: All the information your guests need about their vacation home and the area is on their mobile devices and updates automatically, so there’s no need for clunky binders, brochures and photocopied instructions that easily become dog-eared and outdated.
  • Answer guest questions instantly: Our smart messaging feature means you or a team member can reply to guest questions instantly by text. All messages are stored for review if necessary. With a dedicated phone number for your business, guest messages won’t come in on your personal phone line.
  • Inform and inspire your guests: The guestbook’s destination guide showcases unique local experiences that create memorable trips and make guests want to return. Our search algorithms do the heavy lifting, finding high-quality content in your area that you can customize as you please, complete with recommendations and tips.
  • Save time: Our platform lets you schedule the dates you want your customers to receive their guestbooks. Guestbooks will be sent automatically by email or text with a customized welcome message from you. Include your smart messaging phone number so guests can ask questions before they arrive.
  • Outpace the competition: Major hospitality brands like Marriott and Airbnb are rolling out guest experience platforms, destination content and mobile messaging. Don’t get left behind.
  • Build your business: An all-purpose guestbook and smart messaging will enhance your guests’ experience. They can assist guests planning their stay, help their vacation run smoothly and convince undecided guests to rent. Share them with new and existing customers in promotional newsletters, emails and blogs.

Property Guides

The guestbook’s property guide provides the essential information your guests need about their rental home like arrival times, WiFi codes and rules for maintaining the house. The Master Guide supplies the basic information for all your rental properties. Customize it as needed for each property, adding instructions for using the hot tub or fireplace, for example. Learn More >

Destination Guides

The guestbook’s destination guide give your guests all the information they need about the area’s best restaurants, activities, events and essentials, like the nearest grocery store and pharmacy. Start with basic information provided by our search algorithms, then customize it as you please. The guides update automatically saving you time and effort. Learn More >

Smart Messaging

Smart Messaging enables guests to send text messages to you or your team before, during or after their stay by text. This means guests can ask questions like the location of the nearest pharmacy, how to turn up the heat or whether early check-in is possible and get an instant reply. All team members receive copies of each message and response during office hours to insure that each query is addressed. Learn More >

Add Guest Information and Schedule Delivery

RueBaRue integrates seamlessly with leading vacation rental software. This means it’s easy to import guest arrival information and schedule automatic delivery of the guestbook by email and text on the dates you choose.

Sharing and Marketing

Share the guestbook with your guests by email or text when they book or before they arrive. RueBaRue can electronically deliver the guestbook or you can send it through your CRM system. Guests can use the guestbook to help plan their stay. Destination guides may also help convince undecided renters to book after seeing what the area offers. It’s easy to embed a guide in a promotional newsletter, email or blog item.

Embed Content

Embed the guestbook into your website with a single line of code. It’s as easy as inserting a YouTube video. Our platform integrates with any type of vacation rental software. Guests can view the guestbook from their smart phones, tablets or computers.

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