The comfort of professional hotel services in the most authentic private accommodation

Doinn is all the help you ever needed. We bring local accommodation owners or managers in touch with the best cleaning and laundry services. To do this we use a thorough, highly professional platform with a service that is always, at the very least, brilliant.

We provide a 5-star experience for your guests…

  • Cleaning: All cleaning is done by professionals, with specific training, and following a rigorous and streamlined procedure.
  • Laundry: Our laundry service is of industrial quality. We wash the bed linen and bath towels at high temperatures and with professional cleaning products. All rented linen and towels are maintained in optimum condition.
  • Linen Rental: All rented linen and towels are high quality. We keep our quality level requirements like hotels do and free of charge.
  • Check-in / Check-out: Welcome and accomodate the guests as well as make check-out when they leave and final apartment inspection. Let us know if you have questions.
  • Rules and Obligations: The owner must provide a copy of the key to Doinn that the cleaning company can be autonomous and perform the service on time.
  • Tools: Give instructions to specific services. Know what time your service has finished. Invoice per property. Schedule check-ins. Send service messages to the supplier. Upload many properties at once.


  • Pay as you go platform: No hidden fees, no payments required. Order only the services you need.
  • Superb customer service: We work with the best companies in the market. One point of contact no matter how many cities or cleaning & laundry providers.
  • Fast and fair: Hotel providers just one click away. Fair prices.
  • Professional hotel providers: Have access to professional, well reputated hotel providers including industrial laundry and linen rental.
  • Guest ready automation: Services booked in seconds directly with calendar sync. First end to end operations automation.
  • Key metrics for your business: Important operational KPI for your business including traceability and cost reporting.
  • Better reviews: Standard and quality cleaning guest experience.
  • Housekeeping inteligent predictor: We automatically predict the services you need to buy for your reservations that you can confirm with just 1 click.
  • Hassle free operations: Stop wasting time and resources with housekeeping and laundry.
  • Flexible and single invoice: Define how you want to receive your invoice per apartment.

Why doinn business with us?

  • Never miss a spot: With technology on our side, we can do everything. Our platform helps to eliminate the errors in our service. Automatically schedule the services you need without wasting any more time managing your properties.
  • The best deal: By negotiating on behalf of the host community, we get the most competitive prices and the highest quality suppliers. For you, this means recieving the best service at the best price.
  • Enjoy life more: We make life easier for those who have local accommodation because we know there are more interesting things to do in life than managing operations. Save time and stop worrying.
  • Get the best reviews: Make sure that everyone who stays in your home leaves a glowing review. Whenever you schedule our services, a professional cleaning team will leave it spic and span so that your guests will recommend it to everyone.
  • Reduce your costs: Pay only for what you need, and turn your fixed costs into variable costs. Outsource your cleaning, and save yourself time, money and worry.
  • Trust: We bring together the best of both worlds. We only work with experienced professionals and hotel providers who can consistently perform industry standard service. While at the same time we understand the individual needs of private accommodation providers. We have got you covered.


  • Synchronise: You can easily configure calendar sync by adding your property iCal URL in the tab “Automate” inside property profile.
  • Property Instructions: Configure the default property instructions like key info or storage space in “instructions” tab of the property profile.
  • Billing: Managing properties of different owners? Invoices for services purchased can be issued to a specific person or legal entity.
  • Default Check-In / Check-Out Hours: Add your check-in and check-out hours in “Automate” tab so we know what time services have to be done.
  • Leave a Note: Leave comments or notes in the Service Notes field in the Buying Process. This will be sent directly to the service provider.
  • Import: More than one property? No problem, you can upload all your short-term rentals at once, from an Excel file.

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