Airbnb check-ins made easy

Forget waiting around for guests and cleaners, or leaving your keys under the mat – key exchange with KeyNest is the easiest and most secure way to exchange keys. Book online, drop your keys off at your nearest location and your guests can pick them up at their convenience.

  • The easy solution: Convenient, easy and fuss-free key exchange.
  • Peace of mind: Safe and secure insurance-approved key storage.
  • Updates – wherever, whenever: Email notifications and online status tracking.
  • Happy guests: Ensure guest satisfaction with stress-free check-ins.
  • Local stores: Over 1500 Nest locations across the UK and France.
  • We’re here for you, 24/7: Round-the-clock key access and support.

How It Works

  1. Deposit your keys at your local Nest. It takes 30 seconds to create your KeyNest account and you’ll receive a drop-off code instantly. Then just bring your keys to the Nest, where we’ll attach a tracking fob and place them in our secure safe. If you bring them to an automatic locker then just enter the code and place them inside.
  2. Send the collection code to your guests. Share the Nest location and the unique 6-digit collection code with your guest. They’ll either give this code to the shopkeeper or enter the code at one of our automated lockers, and they’ll be able to take the keys away.
  3. Get notified every time your keys are collected or returned. Sit back and relax – we’ll let you know when your keys are collected or dropped off. Returning them is as easy as dropping them back at the locker or handing them back to the staff at our Nest.

We have three price plans that all feature online key tracking, 24/7 UK support and access to our network of 1500 stores. Just choose to be billed annually, monthly or per collection, depending on how often you’ll be using KeyNest.

KeyNest is a proud HostAssist partner of Airbnb. Thanks to our direct API integration with Airbnb, you can use your Airbnb account to manage keys at You can check out the KeyNest HostAssist partner profile on the Airbnb website. Our clients are also welcome to use other OTAs like as well as any PMS they wish to in order to liaise with their guests.

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Keynest - a great, efficient service.

Keynest is a really great service. It's good to know my keys are stored securely somewhere locally. I use the added security option of limiting the code for a set period, and the person collecting them has to give their name. I use a screenshot of the code from the app on my phone, and send it to the person collecting the keys.I really appreciate that I get an email when the keys have been collected AND dropped off. I use Keynest for trusted tradespeople coming to do a job at my flat, guests if I am going to be at work when they arrive, and even like the fact that if I ever lock myself out, I can quickly buy a code online with the app on my phone and get my own keys without major drama.I use the "pay as you go" option but there are subscription models that may work out better value for you. When I've had any enquires or issues in the past, I've quickly received a personalised, helpful reply, even at weekends. I highly recommend it.

Keynest employee truly saved the…

Keynest employee truly saved the situation unfortunately created by the shop owner where we were supposed to collect the key. Indeed, the shop closed an hour earlier than the advertised time, leaving us no choice but to book a hotel room. The next day, I phoned Keynest and their customer success executive went the extra mile to get the shop owner back on premises on a bank holiday to finally hand us over the keys. I wished I'd called them earlier!