Aviva IQ

Automate your Airbnb messages

Elliminate over 80% of mesages from your workload, and it’s free!

Worried your guests will miss important messages (confirmation, check-out…)? Now there’s a way to automate these regular communications. Delight your guests and receive more 5-star reviews!

Aviva IQ is simplifying the communications process for Airbnb Hosts with their guests. We’ve created a service that automates post-booking communications so hosts can sit back and relax.

Guests receive messages on time, every time. No longer do Airbnb hosts need to worry about their guests knowing important booking details like what time to check-in, where to pick up the keys, what the wifi code is, or where to locate the laundry room.

Hosts can auto-populate their Aviva IQ dashboard with their Airbnb listings and in just a few short steps create their customized messages. What’s more, once the messages are created, Aviva IQ will personalize each message for each subsequent guest so hosts never have to touch their messages ever again!

  • Link your properties: Let Aviva IQ know which properties are yours
  • Create custom messages: Use Aviva IQ’s message templates, or customize your own
  • Schedule delivery times: You decide when your messages get sent

Messages arrive on time. Every time!… and it’s FREE!

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