PIN Genie

The world's first peek-proof digital door lock

Enjoy the convenience of keyless, discreet, patented peek-proof PIN Genie Smart Lock!

PIN Genie Smart Lock is equipped with Built-in Intruder Alarm, At Home Safe Mode and provides the most secure yet convenient way to protect your home.

The PIN Genie Smart Lock converts your smartphone into a key for your home! With encrypted Bluetooth access, experience the convenience of keyless, discreet, peek-proof door lock.

With full APP control, create door codes and share with your family, temporary guests or tenants. The PIN Genie Smart Lock is an ideal solution for Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway and other rental properties.

Facebook is corrupt I've reported…

Facebook is corrupt I've reported animal abuse and people mocking people with disabilities saying that people who're on sick benefits should get off their ass and get a job and they don't do anything but if I swear I get banded for several days, I had a message from the one day and they said it's because I selected the wrong option but all I can say to that is they clearly knew what I was reporting violated the terms and also is against the law so why could they not be like oh you selected the wrong option but we see where you're coming from let us file it under the right thing for you and we'll discipline this person, the staff for Facebook are just disgusting and it's almost like they're bullies themselves and just don't care other than being toxic a d clearly have no heart, not to mention what we already know they collect data from you you should be able to opt out of that completely they shouldn't be allow to collect any data, the excuse is because they need it for advertising well I don't want adverts either I'm on Facebook mainly so I can store pictures and videos and nothing more because there's just so many better apps for communications and you should be able to swear if you want to aswell I get so many bans from swearing but yet most of the time it's because someone is being a idiot and they get away scott free it's a joke

I made a comment about a woman who had…

I made a comment about a woman who had a fight with her sister! The dad came and told her if she doesn't wake up he will pour some acid on her face. She straight away! All this was written in french. I got a message from Facebook that I didn't respect this policy! What's wrong with telling my opinion?