PIN Genie

The world's first peek-proof digital door lock

Enjoy the convenience of keyless, discreet, patented peek-proof PIN Genie Smart Lock!

PIN Genie Smart Lock is equipped with Built-in Intruder Alarm, At Home Safe Mode and provides the most secure yet convenient way to protect your home.

The PIN Genie Smart Lock converts your smartphone into a key for your home! With encrypted Bluetooth access, experience the convenience of keyless, discreet, peek-proof door lock.

With full APP control, create door codes and share with your family, temporary guests or tenants. The PIN Genie Smart Lock is an ideal solution for Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway and other rental properties.

Deleted my group of 30k up people for…

Deleted my group of 30k up people for community violations before I even had chance to review the offenders. I find it sad that you take 10 years of hard work away for other people causing what ever trouble. Ive lost truat in you now and wont make that mistake again. Are we suppose to monitor fb every secon and put post approval on for every member? Need to look at your reasons for disabling accounts as I aint breached no rules, someone in the group has and youve acted before me yet tool my group that took years to build. Unforgovable. "Tracksuit trainers and name brand clothing," is the group, please reconsider you bans for violations were admin has not had time to act on offences.

No reply from facebook

Was banned by them tried to contest their decision was told it would take at most little over a day, no update after 2 weeks. I don’t even know why I was banned, they said it was because of my pages, don’t recall using them since I was a teenager (10 years ago)