PIN Genie

The world's first peek-proof digital door lock

Enjoy the convenience of keyless, discreet, patented peek-proof PIN Genie Smart Lock!

PIN Genie Smart Lock is equipped with Built-in Intruder Alarm, At Home Safe Mode and provides the most secure yet convenient way to protect your home.

The PIN Genie Smart Lock converts your smartphone into a key for your home! With encrypted Bluetooth access, experience the convenience of keyless, discreet, peek-proof door lock.

With full APP control, create door codes and share with your family, temporary guests or tenants. The PIN Genie Smart Lock is an ideal solution for Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway and other rental properties.

An idea that's overstayed it welcome

I am getting away from facebook since it has become increasingly evident that its nothing more than a political prop run by robots interested only in feeding propoganda to the masses. Used to be a tolerable place but with the advent of fact checkers who themselves are far less educated than most .. well I'm done. The censorship was the final straw. Lizardboy can keep it. Farcebook begone