Put your vacation rental on autopilot

Hostbot uses a Natural Language Processing (NLP) service to identify multiple permutations of common questions from guests. The agent auto-replies to questions it knows, but still passes the conversation through to the host so that they can listen in and intervene if they need to.

Reduce Inbox Noise: First time hosts on Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and other vacation rental marketplaces are often surprised at the sheer amount of communication involved in renting a place out. The shorter and more frequent the stays, the more messages and calls you’ll have to take.

Separate Your Rentals: Fortunately, Burner provides a simple solution to automate much of the communication involved in renting a property, in addition to providing you with a new phone number and a way to protect your personal identity in the process.

Spend Less Time Managing: This page will walk you through our recommended setup for Airbnb hosts, plus show you a tool we created to automate responses to common questions from your guests.

How it Works

  1. Configure Hostbot With Answers: To set up Hostbot, go to, and fill out answers for each common question. Your answers should correspond to the property for which you are using this line.
  2. Give Out the Number: Give out that phone number to guests. The bot will interpret the text message and respond for you. If it doesn’t know the answer, it won’t reply and you can reply when you get the message.

Recommended Setup for Airbnb Hosts

  1. Create New Burners: Create a new Burner line for each rental property, and name the lines after your properties so that you can identify them.
  2. Configure Your Burners: Only get calls or texts when you want to. For each line, you can turn off the ringer, record a voicemail and much more.
  3. Set Up Hostbot: Set up Hostbot and fill out the guest answers for each property—we’ve identified 16 common guest questions, all you need to do is write responses.

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