More direct bookings! More positive reviews

Guidewiser is a hotel guest communication platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot technology which helps hotels and short term rentals to provide better travel experiences and get more direct bookings!

  • Smarter communication: Guests may get local tips and property related information 24/7 and order services directly on Facebook Messenger
  • Bigger income and lower costs: Get more direct bookings, save time and resources on customer support and also get extra income from related services sales
  • More positive reviews and referrals: Provide unique travel experiences before and during stay based on guests profiles. Increase guest engagement and loyalty


  • Direct booking: Get more direct bookings via Facebook Messenger and save on OTA commission
  • Guests’ requests: Provide customer support and handle guests’ requests (check-in, check-out, maintenance, etc.)
  • Hotel services and special offers: Inform your guests about hotel services and promote your special offers and packages
  • Smart chat: Virtual assistant generates automated conversation and It learns from each conversation. Guests can also chat directly with the reception if needed
  • Recommendations: Provide unique travel experiences to your guests via local tips and recommendations
  • Guest reviews: Listen to your customers and get instant feedback and reviews whilst they’re still staying at your property


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