Track and visualize your energy use.

Monitoring energy use can be hard. Wattvision makes it easy.

Wattvision makes it easy for you to save money on energy by giving you live feedback on your energy use, on the web or your phone.

We felt a pressing need to answer a basic question: How much energy am I using right now? We found other products difficult to use, overly complicated, and challenging to install, so we decided to make the easiest, most reliable solution available.

  • Track live energy use at your home, business, rental property, or other site.
  • Understand your use, take steps to conserve, and even produce bills for tenants.
  • Compare, share, and download your data at wattvision.com or, as a developer, use our open API.

What We Offer

  • LIVE VIEW: View your current energy use and consumption rate updated every 10 seconds.
  • BILL VIEW: Create your own energy bills for personal use or to send to tenants, and set up custom pricing periods
  • WEEKLY HISTORY: View your energy usage in a heat-map format to easily see your most and least efficient days.
  • MONTHLY HISTORY: View your energy consumption totals from each day in the month as a large-scale overview of energy use.
  • DAILY VIEW: Compare your energy use from today with other days in Kilowatt-hours.
  • DAILY VIEW: Compare your energy use from today with other days in Watts.