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Our award winning services and top rated mobile app deliver a seamless user experience across a broad ecosystem of security, energy, video and automation devices. is the platform of choice for the leading Security and Smart Home Service Providers today. Designed for Professional Service Providers, offers tools for easy installation, rapid troubleshooting, exceptional customer support and seamless upgrades. The platform combines comprehensive Smart Home features with top quality Professional Services to create an exceptional customer experience. is the leader in Smart Home Security, giving you solutions to monitor, protect and automate your home.

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Absolutely the worst experience I have…

Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with any company. We moved in our new house on 3-3-22. As of 4-1-22 (today) it has not worked properly not even 1 day, on the 1st day that nothing worked including my thermostat for over a week, finally a week later a tech finally shows up and proceeded to tell me that everything was a few generations behind and wont work properly, after he said everything he could do as he's walking out my door and i asked him about the thermostat and he's says oh I can't fix that you need to call a ac company to look at because the person that disconnected your service shorted out the system wich was Northstar/ (there own company, and it was actually the same tech that had disconnected the system and shorted it out. I called a AC company who I paid to come out same day and connected it. Northstar said they would pay for it but never did i was at my ropes end and told them to cancel the service, where they proceeded to threaten us, that we would be responsible for the 2 year contract $1700 what a bunch of swindlers!! They said that they would replace the old faulty system with new components wich they did but still didn't work (unbelievable) just got off the phone with tech support. My complaints today are, the garage open close feature doesn't work. The tech that was out the last time disconnected my master smoke alarm because it keep going off said he was going to come back but didn't (so no smoke alarm) my door bell is going off with no one there at took along time to bring up the video/audio app. We have never been able to talk to anyone or for that matter see someone standing there because they were already gone. Pretty pathetic right? I called tech support to another frustrating end. It seemed like we were having 2 separate conversations when he said ok thank you if anything else comes up give us a call. He hadn't fixed anything. I'm going to complain to the BBB and maybe 3 on your side news . I want it disconnected, my money back that I paid the AC company and not be charged anything for there horrible alarm system.

Horrible company

Horrible company, they try to mislead and decieve you into signing a longer contract. Now they are raising rates and have given me a brand new person for monitoring who can't even see all my equipment. Rude and incompetent now they are raising their rates. After the generic response where they blame the provider and said the provider would contact me, they have not. Also as a company if you blame all the issues on a another company that you do business with maybe you should learn to pick better companies to do business with.

Unreliable Alarm System …

This has to be the most unreliable system that I have owned. I purchased the system through AAA Smart home approximately 15 months ago. I have spoken to support which has not been any support at all, and I’m finally fed up and changing. The cameras rarely work and the troubleshooting feature doesn’t do much either. Avoid and explore or systems. Make sure that whatever system that you purchase is not supported by