No one makes homes security easier or smarter


Frontpoint is a rapidly growing technology and service company. We shook things up in the home security space by introducing a DIY system and perfected the customer service experience in a complicated, outdated industry.

We’ve revolutionized the way our customers interact with their homes by using cutting-edge products and technologies that unlock the potential of the security-first smart home. Our founders built the company from the basement up, which means we make decisions based on what’s best for our customers and our employees— not based on quarterly numbers.

At Frontpoint people matter, not just earnings. Frontpoint’s mission is to make families feel safe, more connected, and to inspire the world that great service still exists. Our focus on people, purpose and innovation has made Frontpoint what it is today: an exciting, dynamic place to work that is both inspirational and rewarding.

Used to be a great service, now just average.

Pros- Friendly customer service Good sign up deals Cons- Expensive to replace equipment Lots of false tampers and even some false alarms Doorbell camera doesn't pick up motion until it's about 4 feet in front of it I've been with them since 2017 and we've had three different touch pads due to defects, etc.

JUST READ THE OTHER 1 STAR REVIEWS - they are crooks and keep charging me even after calling 3x to cancel

JUST READ THE OTHER 1 STAR REVIEWS - trying to cancel service feels like trying to cancel a gym membership, Lots of lies, double talk, confusion tactics, and omissions of truth. The very company I hired to protect my family 5 years ago is now stealing from me themselves!! THEY ARE LOW RATED: Just google it. This company has LESS THAN 1 STAR at Consumer and 1.5 stars at the Better Business Bureau. Don't trust them. 5 STAR RATINGS HERE?: The only reason they have so many high ratings on Trust Pilot is because they offer 3 months free service for positive reviews (see Kafa's 1 star review from 10/19/20) - notice, all of the 5 star reviews says "Invited" next to the review, while most of the 1 star reviews are individuals). MY STORY: I've been trying to cancel my service for the past 5 months. Every time I call, I get a different response by the extremely rude sales people who are only interested in retaining me. Twice I was cornered into getting a 'suspension' on my account WITHOUT BEING TOLD that it was not equivalent to a cancellation (even though I specifically asked for a cancellation). They lied and omitted the fact that I needed to sign a 30 Day Notice cancellation, so on top of singing two suspensions that were NEVER honored, I still have to pay another $50 TO CANCEL!? They are very deceptive, and you're better off signing up for that has monitoring for $10 a month and much better customer service. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU: The last agent I spoke to was extremely short and rude to me. No remorse, no empathy. I asked several times to speak to a manager and he said he was one. I asked for a customer service line, a complaint department, or a quality control person to air my grievances, and he basically told me "I could forward your concerns to my supervisors, but they won't respond to you.' Clearly they really don't care about their customers but are happy to keep steeling from them. BE AWARE! CUSTOMER SERVICE? I called and was told I'm number 75 in the queue, left my info for a call back, and then the agent calling me back (hours later) was rushing me off the phone because he said he was off already and if I didn't like his resolution to my solution I could call back later and speak to someone else. Waste of time. IMAGINE a company paying customers 3 months of free service ($135 value) to leave a positive review on Trust Pilot. That should tell you enough about their business practices.