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Frontpoint is a rapidly growing technology and service company. We shook things up in the home security space by introducing a DIY system and perfected the customer service experience in a complicated, outdated industry.

We’ve revolutionized the way our customers interact with their homes by using cutting-edge products and technologies that unlock the potential of the security-first smart home. Our founders built the company from the basement up, which means we make decisions based on what’s best for our customers and our employees— not based on quarterly numbers.

At Frontpoint people matter, not just earnings. Frontpoint’s mission is to make families feel safe, more connected, and to inspire the world that great service still exists. Our focus on people, purpose and innovation has made Frontpoint what it is today: an exciting, dynamic place to work that is both inspirational and rewarding.

4.6 Verified User

Frankly we don’t turn on the system…

Frankly we don’t turn on the system very much at all bc when we do a sensor drops off wall or looses contact with base station or battery is low. Also smoke detectors are WAY to sensitive and have caused false alarms. Will likely look to replace after contract concludes.

4.6 Verified User

Reliable and Trustworthy Security Company

Very reliable system and great customer support. I’ve been with them for over 3 years now and have no complaints. I highly recommend Frontpoint. The only glitch we ran into was when a small tornado came through that knocked out power to the house. The security panel has battery backup so it was fine, but we lost power to a basement sump pump and the internet also. The basement high water alarm went off which was as designed, but there was no way to disable this one alarm while on battery and no internet. None of this was their problem though. They even brought in an equipment specialist to try and he couldn’t do anything either. It was just how the equipment was designed. I ended up having to remove the sensor from where it was mounted and hand bailed the basement until I could get a generator. Very rare situation though. I do know the sensor did it’s job and let me know the sump pump wasnt working. That’s good!