No one makes homes security easier or smarter


Frontpoint is a rapidly growing technology and service company. We shook things up in the home security space by introducing a DIY system and perfected the customer service experience in a complicated, outdated industry.

We’ve revolutionized the way our customers interact with their homes by using cutting-edge products and technologies that unlock the potential of the security-first smart home. Our founders built the company from the basement up, which means we make decisions based on what’s best for our customers and our employees— not based on quarterly numbers.

At Frontpoint people matter, not just earnings. Frontpoint’s mission is to make families feel safe, more connected, and to inspire the world that great service still exists. Our focus on people, purpose and innovation has made Frontpoint what it is today: an exciting, dynamic place to work that is both inspirational and rewarding.

Everything is fine until you try to cancel

The initial process of getting setup with Frontpoint was frustrating but once I got my welcome kit things went smoothly. The system was easy to install and worked fairly well over the four years we had it. There are some nagging issues with sensor reliability but overall it was easy to use. When we moved and needed to cancel, Frontpoint's true colors were shown. You can't cancel via the website, live chat, or email; you have to call. Their hold times for cancelling are ridiculous unless you call first thing in the morning. When you finally reach someone, the call takes less than three minutes with most of that time consumed by Frontpoint offering you various promotions to try and change your mind. When you don't, they send you an email with a form that you have to fill out in order to cancel your account. The form is, of course, on the same website where they tell you that you have to call to cancel. The form tries a few more times to convince you to stay. It doesn't give you an option to choose a cancellation date - your account is cancelled on the date in which you submit the form. Here's the kicker - Frontpoint charges you for an extra month of service AFTER you cancel. I called them about this and they said that cancelling is just "giving them 30 days notice". No. Cancelling is cancelling. I don't want or need to use the service anymore. I cancelled effective today. The website even told me that when I cancelled I would no longer be able to use the service to request first responders. Now I'm stuck paying for a service I no longer want and my opinion of Frontpoint is ruined forever and they have this nice one-star review that will live on as long as Trustpilot does. Hope that $44.99 was worth it, Frontpoint.