Home Security. Done right


Being safe should be simple. SimpliSafe designs home security systems that are wireless, cellular and so user-friendly they can be set up by anyone in minutes. An ever-expanding arsenal of sensors and the SimpliSafe security camera, SimpliCam, provides all-encompassing protection while integrated apps make comprehensive system control possible from anywhere.

But SimpliSafe is way more than its great products. It’s also seamless 24/7 professional monitoring, without the long-term contracts and sky-high prices of traditional alarm companies.

Currently, SimpliSafe protects over 2 million Americans and that number is quickly rising. In 2014, the company was ranked in The Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation with a 3,076% 3-year growth rate. SimpliSafe is ushering in a new era — one where anyone anywhere can have a security system that’s not only simple, but also on the cutting edge.

Charged my card $368.50 then didn’t process the order

Charged my card $368.50 then sent me an email saying it didn’t go through and that I needed to call their customer service. I did. They said the money “should” be back in my account, “some time next week” but that they could go ahead and place another order for me to see if it will go through. No! No you can not charge me another $368.50 - even if I had a spare $368.50 and could let you do that; I wouldn’t, because that is straight up ridiculous. They blamed it on me and said my shipping address and billing address don’t match, but that if I made another order with them matching it would go through. If my shipping address and my billing address aren’t the same, then HOW WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO CHARGE MY CARD IF I PUT IN THE WRONG BULLING ADDRESS [to match the shipping address]?! Are you serious? How is that your solution? How is that even a problem in the first place? 1. When I am shipping to this address, my shipping address and billing address ARE different, and I have entered it as such every time I have ever purchased anything going to this address. 2. On YOUR website after entering my shipping address there is a button for, “My billing address is the same as my shipping address” which I unchecked, and then on the next page you asked for my billing address. It turns out Simplisafe just automatically doesn’t process orders without matching shipping and billing addresses, so what’s the point of the checkbox?! What’s the point of the form on the next page? Put up an error, or a notice. I could have transferred the money to a different account where I could have had matching addresses if I knew I needed to, but don’t just let me put the order in, charge my card, and THEN not process the order. Stop me before I move on from the billing address page. Stop me before I ‘place my order’ Stop the order from charging my card. If this has Anything to do with fraud, then either: 1. Don’t charge the card and Then not process the order if you know beforehand that you don’t process orders that don’t have matching shipping and billing addresses. And/or 2. Allow me to provide documentation sufficient to Any standard that you want to in order to be comfortable with processing the order. I have my drivers license, which has my billing address on it. You really shouldn’t care where I want to ship it, since the billing address (which matches my bank account), and my drivers license has the matching address that would mean I am the one buying it, but let’s say you do want more than that; I have my lease with the shipping address. What else do you want? My bank statement? I could literally change my billing address with less documentation and then place the order. I don’t know how this policy came about, but I asked the representative straight up, “so you’re saying I just can’t order Simplisafe?” And her only solution was that it was “more likely” for the order to go through if they placed it on their side (not sure why that’s the case since I just as easily could have called in instead of using the website and nothing would be different), so she suggested placing it again for me, which brings us full circle.

I hate this company. Products do not work properly.

We set up our entire home on their system a year and a half ago. Sensors on all doors and windows, panic button, window break sensor, cameras, doorbell, etc. The doorbell camera has *never* worked properly. It picks up cats, cars, mosquitos, and moving trees, but not humans standing on the front porch (complete opposite of what they claim). It takes longer for the app to load the camera’s live view when someone rings the doorbell than it does for us to get to the door from anywhere in the house. The lag between real time and the camera is close to a minute at best. Their customer service is terrible. Their door and window sensors are hackable. Three months ago, I contacted the company to tell them I wanted to cancel monitoring and self-monitor. I was sick of sending money each month to a company whose products don’t even work properly. The customer service agent I spoke with at the time said that I needed to update my base station with a new SIM card and set up a wifi extender and that if I did that, the system should work as it is meant to. He promptly sent out those two items and gave me a credit for three months of free monitoring to see if the fix would work. He said that my base station had been running on 2g and that the new SIM card + extender would allow it to connect to 5g and theoretically, be much faster. We installed the new part / extender but the base station and extender are both literally incapable of connecting to a network that is not 2g, so that was a worthless effort. The system then proceeded to work less efficiently than it had before this “fix.” So I called again to cancel monitoring. I was told I would still be able to monitor the system myself from the app. Lies. As soon as the monitoring was canceled, the app was wiped blank and the only way to get it working again was to reactivate monitoring. My husband just spent an hour talking to someone else at the company who tried to get this fixed to no avail. So I am right back where I started, paying for a sub-par system that does not work as it ought until I can replace all of my sensors and gadgets with another company’s. Save yourself some money and frustration and go with a different company from the start. This one disappoints in every area.