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Being safe should be simple. SimpliSafe designs home security systems that are wireless, cellular and so user-friendly they can be set up by anyone in minutes. An ever-expanding arsenal of sensors and the SimpliSafe security camera, SimpliCam, provides all-encompassing protection while integrated apps make comprehensive system control possible from anywhere.

But SimpliSafe is way more than its great products. It’s also seamless 24/7 professional monitoring, without the long-term contracts and sky-high prices of traditional alarm companies.

Currently, SimpliSafe protects over 2 million Americans and that number is quickly rising. In 2014, the company was ranked in The Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation with a 3,076% 3-year growth rate. SimpliSafe is ushering in a new era — one where anyone anywhere can have a security system that’s not only simple, but also on the cutting edge.

Negative 5 Stars - Dishonest company

If I could leave a negative 5 starts I would. I attempted to do business with SimpliSafe on August 11 2020, I just purchased a new build home and my moved was postponed due to construction and I had to return the equipment until I had a more solid closing date. The equipment was $258.31. On August 13, 2020, I was emailed a FedEx prepaid return label that I used to repackage and send the equipment back to Simplisafe. I did this on August 21, 2020 @ 7:55am. As time passed I realized 2 weeks had gone by and my refund hasn't posted nor have I received an email confirmation that my package arrived to them. I also realized in that moment that I had misplaced the tracking number and now the link I once used to print is no longer viewable. I contacted Simplisafe and was told by 3 different representatives weekly that they did not have the tracking number and it could not be recovered. Each time I was told to give it another week or so and check back. I have spent over a month searching so that I could be refunded. So today on September 29th 2020, I realized I took a class in web design and I used my learned IT skill and reconstructed the broken link using the design source code of the broken link to reveal the tracking number. I was finally able to recover it! So I called SimpliSafe and the only thing I said was that I am checking on the status of my refund and its been over a month and I finally have my tracking number ( I never provided it to the representative or gave any information of my findings). I was placed on hold while she did her "research" and to my disgusting surprise she returned with all the details of my packages arrival date and time. She told me that my package arrived on August 27th 2020 @ 6:30pm and she is checking to see where my refund is. So I asked her how was it that she was able to see that if I have been told for over a month that my tracking number could not be seen by a Simplisafe representative and there was no record and I did not disclose that information to her..... She paused extensively and began to apologize for the misunderstanding and said she understands how frustrating this must be. I didn't say a word. I told her I am beyond disgusted right now. To disgusted to even be mad or say anything I might regret and here I was considering doing business with them now that I am finally in my home thinking I was just waiting on my equipment to refund so I could order new service.... This is the shadiest form of business I have ever been apart of. I honestly don't even understand how any business could survive treating its customers this way. In short I know they were trying to let as much time pass as possible so that they could unlawfully steal my money but I'm so thankful for my patience, dedication and education because I was able to see them for who they really are and ensure no one I know falls victim to this kind of poor practice. This took place today! September 29, 2020 and they are still preying on other consumers as I type which is sad and disgusting because all we want to do is feel safe..... The nerve of them.

If there were a 0 star I would have…

If there were a 0 star I would have rated it there. we had a lightning induced house fire on May 2nd. SimplySafe answered the fire alarm 30 minutes after my wife, 8 pets and I were out of the house. The fire department was already on the scene before Simply not safe gave me a call. Had an alert neighbor and myself not made the call for help my house would have been a total loss Worst security company ever. Use them at your own risk.