The Travel Copywriter

Storytelling for the travel industry

The goal of vacation rental copywriting is simple: Book more weeks.

The execution, on the other hand, doesn’t feel so simple. How do you get those bookings?

To start, write clearly. Explain what you offer. Show what makes your home unique. Say how  you do it best. And then, tell guests why that matters to them.

Connect with your travelers. For them, finally finding the perfect vacation rental is a relief. So, relieve them. Be sure your copy demonstrates how your vacation rental answers addresses their needs.

Most of all, effective copywriting is convincing. It encourages action – in your case, bookings. Vacation rental copywriting gets results.

Vacation Rental Website Copywriting

You know you need a website for your vacation rental, but do you know what your website needs?

I do. Together, let’s define what makes your property stand out from the competition. Let’s pull out all the big and little details that sell your rental. Let’s build traveler personas, to better understand what matters most to your guests. Let’s do what it takes to book more weeks.

Add in some copywriting expertise and a dash of SEO, and  I’ll write convincing website content. Copy that entices. A website that strikes the balance between the romance of travel and the science of selling. A website that converts.

Listing Site Descriptions

What’s in a property listing? Bookings, that’s what.

But when it comes to third-party listing sites, you may feel there’s simply too much competition.  How can you stand out from the crowd, when you’re crowded by dozens or hundreds of homes in your category?

Great vacation rental copywriting – the one-two punch of a stellar title and strong listing description – is the key to setting yourself apart. Hook travelers with your title, and keep them reading through your description. Intrigue them. Make them want more.

I’ll get them to click that Inquire button. And if you want, I’ll also help you structure your followup emails, to convert those inquiries into paid bookings.