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I signed up for iwriter.com last year in November and started writing articles for their clients. My account was highly rated by clients because of being an excellent writer with a lot of experience. On Tuesday 24th May this year, I was unable to log in to my account. I contacted support who told me that they closed my account for security reasons which I didn't understand. They asked me to re-apply for another account so that they give me my account balance. After some research, it seems that what they do with their writers and end up not paying them. It is very bad and inhuman not to pay someone what he or she has worked for. I have the screenshot. @iwriter.com why are exploiting writers?

Iwriter is a big scam

Iwriter is a big scam. Leo has been taking advantage of poor writers. I just reported an incident where I believed that someone had accessed to iwriter database and was able to access/ view the writer's details i.e. their payment details when I reported this to the support team with proof of the same they terminated my account without any mercy.I hate how they treated me,I feel I was punished for my Good deads even after providing a Paypal conversation as their support team and requesting so that they would reactivate my account, they just ignored my emails, and I have never heard from them since then. This will discourage anyone in the future from reporting a system bug or even a zero-day attack because of the victimization from the support team. It's very unfortunate and very sad to have such people in a civilized society. I can attach all the conversations and how the support was very rude to me even after reporting the issue to them.

This company is a scam

This company is a scam, after working for them for close to 13 months and writing over 1k+ articles for them, they decided to terminate my account and not pay me. I worked very hard to earn that money, and your clients I worked for used my articles, I only need my hard-earned payment.