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The potential to be good but needs a lot of work

Review from a writer, not a client. Overall I like Iwriter and can't really fault it in any serious manner. I've been writing on it for a few weeks now and have several completed jobs under my belt. I will praise Iwriter as it offers good opportunities, especially for someone just starting out in freelancing. Payment is genuine and all jobs posted are legit. I do however have several minor queries that make me not love it to the extent I should: Firstly, it's not great pay in the slightest. Especially when you first start out. You get on average less than 10 pounds for a lot of the stuff on there and when you're doing research and writing at least a thousand words per job, it probably averages out to about 3/4 pound per hour. There's not many jobs on there with any decent offers of pay. I understand this is because a lot of the people requesting content on there are from start up companies but that doesn't justify the fact that IWriter only give the actual writers 65% of the article price. I understand taking a small platform fee but this seems over the top. Secondly, there's not a great deal of content on there. I've checked multiple times a day for about a week now and there's probably about 20-30 new job posts a day which isn't a lot considering how many writers are on there. A lot of the new jobs posted often seem to be repeats too. I've found on numerous occasions entire pages of listed jobs are just one job listed about 10 times which is tedious as you have to scroll through them all. Next, it irritates me that you can't save a job to go back to. If you see a job you think you might be interested in, you can't save it for later and continue looking incase you find something more appealing or more worth while in terms of pay. You either have to accept the job now (and you can only take one job at a time, which I understand) or scroll back through pages of listed jobs to find it again. Timescales to complete jobs in seem very limited to me. Most are between 4 and 18 hours I've found which although is a long time in terms of actually writing content, doesn't take into account that freelancers often want to come back to work later. I think it would work much better if time scales were set in terms of days rather than hours. For example a client would post requesting to have an article written by 5pm tomorrow or request for it to be completed within 4 days. I understand this system may because some writers may not be legit or take too long, which wastes time for the client, but there are ways to work around this instead of just giving you 12 hours before the job is posted on the website again for someone else to take up. For example you could send a snippet of your writing or a preview for what you would write for the job to the client and they can review and accept it if they like it. I also freelance on Upwork and this is the approach on there. It's a much better system. The website also seems a bit dated and difficult to navigate for me. Overall no huge flaws or problems with Iwriter. Customer service is always helpful and I appreciate that you'll receive pay for your work, as long as its of good quality, no matter what. I just think there's a lot left to be desired.

A good tool to help with content creation

We run a pop culture website with a need for daily articles on a variety of topics. iWriter has helped us to find some strong writers to help contribute to our content. You need to be a bit cautious with some writers as a few ignore the brief or have poor language skills. However, once you have a few articles completed you can start to build a portfolio of favourite authors to return to again and again.