Data driven management for Vacation Rentals

Significant returns in real estate start with detailed information. Before now, this information was available only to a select few. At Spekto, we compiled the most comprehensive data set on the vacation rental industry and built a data engine to display this information as actionable business intelligence. We utilize this big data to guide each of our decisions in the investment process. Whether you are a homeowner, investor, or industry professional we can help you get more out of your investments.

We believe managing properties is a science.  That it is predictable. The data behind a market illuminates opportunities and drives value creation. We believe properties should be listed across the entire rental ecosystem to leverage maximum exposure and optimal economic results. We believe in data driven pricing. Pricing should not be a stagnant number but a data driven variablethat changes daily as dictated by demand.  Every decision we make is calculated for optimal results.  We are results driven investors and data driven managers. We work as if we only have one shot to ignite a property’s potential.

Translucent is a data driven real estate intelligence engine that leverages data from partners like Airbnb, Homeaway, Expedia, Zillow, RealEstate.com and others.  This data allows us to look at markets with both a macro & micro approach.  We actively track over 27,000 vacation rental communities daily.  This means we know their rates, their occupancy, their home layout, their seasonality.  Ultimately we use Translucent to help our clients know: Where to look, what to buy, & how to price.

Where to Look

Whether you know exactly what city or state you want to invest in, or whether you aren’t even sure which country, we can point you in the right direction to get the greatest return. With expansive data on tens of thousands of locations we can help you find the perfect location to meet your needs.

What to Buy

Once you know where to look you might quickly realize that you’re unsure what size or type of property will serve you best. In some locations a one-bedroom condo will provide the greatest return on investment, while in others you’ll find that a sprawling cabin works best. No matter the location and your individual circumstances, we can help guide you to the right property.

How to Price

Once you have a rental property up and running the age-old question is pricing. Pricing is a complex problem and is especially challenging with short-term rentals. With millions of points of data we are able to dynamically control your pricing to optimize returns every day and in every season.

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