Finding short let and holiday let mortgages is difficult. We change that.

At CopoFi, we help you find the best holiday let and short let mortgage. We work with our partners to ensure you get the finance that is right for you.

The property market is changing. In the five years up to 2016, the industry saw a 150-fold increase in the number of London residential properties listed on Airbnb.

However, the mortgage industry is catching up too slowly. Most high street banks don’t provide short let or holiday let mortgages, but here’s the good news: we are working hard with UK-based lenders so that more of them offer short let and holiday mortgages!

We are proud to be at the forefront of this specialists markets, and will help you find the best financing solution that fits your needs. Your advisers can source mortgages for properties anywhere in the UK.

CopoFi was built to help those customers being failed by the current mortgage industry, which was unable to adapt and understand their needs. The biggest problem was the holiday let and serviced accommodation market, which was growing and changing rapidly, yet nothing in the industry was changing with it.

Whether you’re an experienced landlord with a portfolio, or a budding investment enthusiast, we are committed to helping you on your short let property investment journey.


Already have a mortgage and looking for a better deal or looking to move into short lets and away from the traditional rentals? If you think you might be suitable for a remortgage and that you could save money, request a callback and speak to one of the advisors to find out how we can help you.

Please remember that, just like taking out a mortgage for the first time, your eligibility to remortgage is based on your individual circumstances.

Traditional buy to let mortgages do not allow holiday let and short let so before you refinance, please consider whether your current mortgage broker or solution is suitable for your letting requirements.

Why Us?

  • Dedication: The short let market is growing rapidly and we want to help as many people as possible get involved! But it’s complicated stuff, so CopoFi want to make things simple for you. Our experienced team and specialist technology will help people get property to let out in this growing market, whether you’re a property connoisseur or a complete first timer, we want to help you!
  • Expertise: We have a great team with years of expertise and experience that are committed to turning this complicated process into something more manageable and hassle-free. We specialise in the short term lettings industry, such as holiday homes and serviced accommodation. We dedicate ourselves to this, meaning you can be sure you and your property are in the best hands possible.

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It's been a pleasure working with CopoFI

It's been a pleasure working with the team at CopoFi. They have created an innovative new product which is much needed by the mortgage market. We have been working together with them on an Airbnb proposition and CopoFi are efficient, knowledgeable, and a great company to collaborate with. They are very focused on developing their relationships with those in our industry and are very keen to provide the highest standard of customer service. I highly recommend CopoFi, and would always be happy to work with them again!