Lower your rent by up to 50% for hosting an Airbnb

Lease a Loftium home with a separate Airbnb for guaranteed low rent, pay even less for being a great host.

How It Works

  • Low rent, guaranteed: You get discounted rent for hosting, no matter how the Airbnb performs.
  • Get rewarded for great hosting: In addition to the cleaning fees each month ($500+ avg), you keep 20-50% of the Airbnb income after the property cost is covered.
  • Private, furnished Airbnb: All Loftium homes have separate Airbnb spaces, furnished by Loftium & decorated by you.

Hosting, made easy

With Loftium’s tools and training, you can be an out-performing host with as little as 60 minutes per week hosting, whether at home or traveling around the globe.

  • Basic furniture provided: We provide a free, basic furniture/linens package to make it easy (and affordable!) for you to decorate your Airbnb to reflect your personal style. See what Loftium provides here.
  • Keyless checkin & checkout: We provide an automated keypad for your door, so you never need to worry about a lost key or having to be home to let a guest in.
  • Automated messaging: Create custom message templates that get automatically sent to your guests, so they have all the information they need, and you don’t even need to lift a finger.
  • Optimized pricing: Save time and earn more with our automated pricing engine. We automatically adjust your prices to maximize your listing income.

Lease with Loftium in a few simple steps

  1. Signup online: Fill out your Loftium renter profile – it’s completely free and takes just minutes.
  2. Choose a home: Authorize a quick background & credit check and take a self-tour of any available home at your convenience.
  3. Sign your Loftium lease: Move in, get settled, start hosting!

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It’s a no from me

It’s a no from me. While I do appreciate the concept, the organization and management is reason enough for me to pass. The homes are beautiful but I would rather pay for good management than just a beautiful space. It’s very hard to contact them. I have done the live chat, email or so on to try and communicate where we were in the process as it’s not communicated to you. We’ve had multiple tours canceled, one that was canceled at 8pm for an 8am the next morning. I’ve shown up to tours where the security “hotel like” lock was engaged and no one on the inside to unlock it and received no help but a google invite “text only number”. No one seems to take accountability or responsibility so I wouldn’t recommend this company.

Just signed for a second year.

It’s been an overall pleasant experience. Some hiccups related to Airbnb hosting and a few communication issues, but the benefit of affordable rent in a nice home far outweighs any downsides. Loftium is certainly more work than renting a normal home, but we feel that it’s worth the effort.