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Friendly, Flexible, Efficient and Trustworthy – these are the words that describe our Silver Saints Handyman Service.

All our Saints undergo a rigorous interview and probation process. This means that you are getting a person who can not only solve all your maintenance problems but also has great communication skills, copes well under pressure and understands the value of customer relations.

Our Silver Service is focused on delivering a great service on every visit. We want you to feel like you have struck gold in discovering the Silver Saints and take pride in recommending us to your friends.

Buyer beware

I can only comment on the experience of engaging with Silver Saints and the quote they provided. Firstly they require you to pay for a quote to be provided - £42 inclusive of VAT. This is a new one on me - I've never used a handyman service before but I've never experienced trades people charging for quotes. But I thought the service could be good so I went ahead and paid the fee. I now feel a complete mug and a little robbed I have to say. Simone who turned up to do the quote was nice and pleasant - he did turn up a bit later than scheduled and he was at the property considerably less than 10 minutes. I asked for various things to be quoted - the priority tasks being a repair of a fence post damaged during the recent winds, re-fixing of a loose very small paving stone on a garden step and improving the hinges of an existing garden gate. I was quoted over £1,000 for this work. I baulked at this - I mentally had estimated what I thought the price of the job should be and even on a generous side I could not get anywhere near this. I said thanks but no thanks to Silver Saints. I then fell back to what I usually do which is to post the job on Rated People. Someone who had been on the site for 6+ years with good reviews came back to me - and priced the job at £350. This was during the week and the work was done/completed this afternoon. You always get variation in quotes - but not this amount in my experience. I do not understand how Silver Saints can justify charging 3 times the cost of the other quote I received given the work that was needed (more if you include the cost of paying for the quote). I did feed this back but I just got a thanks for the feedback and nothing more. There are clearly people who are happy with Silver Saint's service - although I do note there are also some mixed views here and on Facebook. All I can say is get several quotes and don't take it for granted that the price you've been given is even vaguely competitive. The challenge of course is that you will have to part with over £40 to know this - which I am still reeling about. If you're happy to proceed on this basis, god knows why but that's of course your prorogative.