Silver Saints

London's premier handyman service

Friendly, Flexible, Efficient and Trustworthy – these are the words that describe our Silver Saints Handyman Service.

All our Saints undergo a rigorous interview and probation process. This means that you are getting a person who can not only solve all your maintenance problems but also has great communication skills, copes well under pressure and understands the value of customer relations.

Our Silver Service is focused on delivering a great service on every visit. We want you to feel like you have struck gold in discovering the Silver Saints and take pride in recommending us to your friends.

Too unreliable, don't let them waste your time

Three times in a row the Saint has not turned up and no-one has contacted me. When they turn up they are great - good value and a good job, but while they used to be good they are now hopelessly unreliable. I've been told the car broke down, the guy was ill, another job overran by hours, and this time I wasn't told anything at all. I really thought I'd found a good handyman service, but sadly not. So disappointing

The best out there

I've used various handymen from Silver Saints over 10 times in the last 5 years to carry out various jobs in our flat. Overall, I have been extremely happy with the full service, from booking to the actual work carried out. It is generally easy to find handyman availability at short notice (usually 1-2 days). Every handyman that they have sent have been extremely professional, qualified and smart. You can have a proper conversation with them, ask for recommendations, discuss ideas etc. It feels like they operate with a lot of integrity and have very high standards. Work does not feel rushed but it also does not feel like they go over the top to charge extra. Work quality is second to none. I have always been very happy with the quality of the jobs which range from hanging paintings and putting up shelves, removing and re-installing skirting boards, installing fitted lighting, replacing taps, replacing intercom, fixing boiler etc. etc. you name it - they can do it. The only slight criticism I have is that some jobs come with a fixed price (rather than standard hourly rate) and they have not always flagged this to me at the time of booking. Sometimes the fixed fee feels high for a quick job. However, whenever I have taken this up with them, they have dealt with it professionally and amicably, which I think is a good sign of proper customer service. So the only advise I'd give is to agree on pricing (e.g. fixed or not) at the time of booking to avoid surprises. Other than that, it is a truly excellent company that I regularly recommend to friends and colleagues.

Reputable London Plumbers

Super quick, friendly and great work ethic. Had issues with another plumber who couldn’t fix our bathroom issues - however Silversaints managed to fix without any issues. Will definitely use them from now on. Highly recommend