Key Exchange Simplified.

Vacation rental hosts no longer need to wait on guests who arrive late, stop for dinner enroute, or have a flat tire. No need to take time off work, or beg friends and family to handle the key exchange with their guest.

Check-in your keys: Sign up for your free trial and visit your most convenient Keycafe location. You will be prompted to put a Keycafe tracking fob on your keys and check your keys into our SmartBox.

Give access to your guests: Sit back and relax. You can use your Keycafe account anytime to share access to your keys with guests, colleagues and friends.

Guests receive their credentials: Your guests will receive an email or sms with the Keycafe location, operating hours and a code to retrieve your keys at their leisure.

Track your keys: Have peace of mind knowing when your cleaner departs or your guest arrives. You will receive notifications to follow your keys from wherever you are.

Keycafe lets you directly integrate your Airbnb account. When you get a booking through Airbnb, Keycafe will automatically send your guest their key access.

Your guest is assisted every step of the way. They receive a detailed communication of how to pick up the keys, other optional notifications such as reminders to return the keys, as well as have access to our 24/7 support team.

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Worst customer service experience ever…

Worst customer service experience ever after Keycafe LOST our keys. Keycafe refused to take responsibility and said it was a “user error.” After reading numerous reviews I realize this is their modus operandi. We had a number of guests give us a poor check in review solely based on their experience with Keycafe. We had one guest leave our condo unlocked with our keys on the counter as they refused to deal with Keycafe. We had a number of guests try to return keys only to have a box open up with someone else’s keys in it. I honestly feel bad for people that work there and have to take calls from frustrated people. We were SO happy to be able to dump them.

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So Convenient!

Meeting my Airbnb guest at midnight last night to check them in on a Monday night was horrendous. Luckily, now I have stored my keys 2 blocks away at a 24 hour 7-11 location. I am so much more comfortable and confident knowing my unit is self manageable, and my cleaners and guests can let themselves in without the added hassel of having to go meet them.

Be careful and always check your invoices

Be very careful with this company and always check your invoices. I’ve been having more than one problem with them already. This is the latest one: they sent me an email and gave me only 2 hour notice that the place where I store my key is shutting down due to the Coronavirus. When I saw the email it was too late and now it’s been weeks that I have to access to my spare key. They should have been proactive in finding what food businesses are choosing to close and give longer than 2 hour notice. On top of that, at the end of the month they charged me for the full month even though I haven’t had access to my key for 25 days out of 31.

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