H&R Block Tax Accountants

With H&R Block, you’re never on your own.

Online, in an office, or at home. With H&R Block, you’re never on your own.

Whether it’s allowing you to file taxes how and where you want, offering refund and payment options that fit your needs, or helping you with your finances, you’ve got a tax partner you can trust:

  • File in an Office
  • Virtual Tax Prep
  • File Online
  • File Using Software

In addition to offering you multiple ways to file taxes, we also offer multiple ways to get your refund and pay for your services. Whether it’s an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® that enables you to load your refund directly on it, or the ability to pay for tax prep services from your refund after services are complete, Block offers refund and payment options that work for you.

We've used H&R Block software for a few…

We've used H&R Block software for a few years -- and this is the LAST TIME we will. For 2015, there was an error on my taxes that I attribute to the software messing up my investment reporting. This year (tax year 2019) has been nothing but a series of stupid, annoying issues. The customer service people have been amazingly bad-- why even have CS if they're too stupid to help. Next year, we're back to Turbotax.

Worst mistake ever

Worst mistake ever. They told me I qualified for their card so I accepted then when it was all done. Charged me 187 dollars and said I had to have them mailed. She misspelled my street address and I didnt notice till I got home after everything was filed. Now I'm wondering if I'll ever get them in the mail. Name of street is off by one letter .all I can do is hope they still make it here. Never go back again

What a rip off

What a rip off, they charge more than a Certified Public Accountants' Office. What are there credentials?? Their website is awful. Made an appointment on line for the next day and got a text as I was leaving that it had to be rescheduled. Found out the person they had me scheduled with was not qualified even though I gave them all my information online. Then dropped my paperwork off at 1pm, got a text they had me set up for an appointment at 5:30pm. Called to say I couldn't make it they said it was sent by mistake. Used them years ago and the IRS corrected their mistakes, should have know better than to go back