H&R Block Tax Accountants

With H&R Block, you’re never on your own.

Online, in an office, or at home. With H&R Block, you’re never on your own.

Whether it’s allowing you to file taxes how and where you want, offering refund and payment options that fit your needs, or helping you with your finances, you’ve got a tax partner you can trust:

  • File in an Office
  • Virtual Tax Prep
  • File Online
  • File Using Software

In addition to offering you multiple ways to file taxes, we also offer multiple ways to get your refund and pay for your services. Whether it’s an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® that enables you to load your refund directly on it, or the ability to pay for tax prep services from your refund after services are complete, Block offers refund and payment options that work for you.


It appears that the tax professional that did my taxes for 2019 wasn't an accountant or CPA. But, completed a 6 months course in filling out simple tax returns. There's absolutely no one that can or will answer your questions.A complete lack of professionalism. However, they do a good job at " passing the buck". I've spoken to seven different tax professionals including two managers and an assistant manager all to no avail. Especially, once they got your money there's literally nothing they will do to assist you. They are nothing but clerk's taking a few hundred dollars for spending twenty minutes inputting your data into their software. STAY AWAY.

I just wanted to thank H&R Block for…

I just wanted to thank H&R Block for the excellent customer service I received from Jesse in Virginia. Jesse was kind professional and so patient with helping me. I can’t thank Jesse enough for all the help he gave me today January 25. Jesse is definitely an asset to H&R Block and I look forward to working with H&R Block every year because of Jesse!!!!!!!