H&R Block Tax Accountants

With H&R Block, you’re never on your own.

Online, in an office, or at home. With H&R Block, you’re never on your own.

Whether it’s allowing you to file taxes how and where you want, offering refund and payment options that fit your needs, or helping you with your finances, you’ve got a tax partner you can trust:

  • File in an Office
  • Virtual Tax Prep
  • File Online
  • File Using Software

In addition to offering you multiple ways to file taxes, we also offer multiple ways to get your refund and pay for your services. Whether it’s an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® that enables you to load your refund directly on it, or the ability to pay for tax prep services from your refund after services are complete, Block offers refund and payment options that work for you.

very bad experience with their software

Tried their software last year. They tried to force me to pay for a tax pro (person) to prepare my taxes because I have an inherited (non-spouse) IRA -- but their major competitor in tax prep software handles that situation just fine, with no human needed. I also tried to use their import for several documents and had to manually correct more than half of the data they imported! I switched back to the big player in tax prep software, and the imports worked just fine, zero corrections needed. I was really hoping for a good alternative to the big tax prep software company, which I really dislike for their corporate practices, but H&R Block definitely is not it.