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Hosty is simple and intuitive Airbnb property management software focusing on Airbnb property managers and Airbnb entrepreneurs.

Channel Management Tools

Use Hosty’s Channel Management system to manage all of your listings connected to different channels like and much more. Our channel manager syncs with all of the most popular short-term vacation rental sites to help you run your business smoothly.  See all of your listings simultaneously on one screen or use our innovative search feature to quickly find valuable data when you need it the most. View the most relevant information from each of your accounts right from the Channel Management dashboard.

Make quick changes to any of your listings on any rental sites to maximize your profits or encourage a last minute rental. No need to update individual accounts as any changes made in the Channel Manager are instantly reflected on all of your connected accounts. Hosty’s Channel Manager is a game-changing tool for the ultimate success of your vacation rental business.

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Booking Management System

View all relevant booking information from one place! Use our Booking Management toolbox to accept and decline reservation requests and modify confirmed bookings for all accounts within your Vacation Rental Business. See your past, present, and upcoming bookings in the same window and filter them anyway you like. Our vacation rental booking system makes the entire booking process straightforward and efficient.

Hosty’s reservation management platform is a crucial tool for your business that will help you organize your accounts masterfully. By conveniently having all of your bookings in one place, you will quickly notice how your business becomes better organized and more streamlined. Hosty takes the hassle out of running a vacation rental business.

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Airbnb Central Inbox

Enjoy instant airbnb chat with all potential guest from this easy to use unified Airbnb inbox. Add attachments to messages, see message history or use our advanced filter system to find unread or unanswered messages. Stay connected with your guests and never miss out on potential revenue again.

Guests love when they receive quick and consistent communication from Airbnb hosts. Keep your guests happy and communication ratings high with the help of your Airbnb central inbox from Hosty. See and respond to communications all in one place and avoid the hassle of using multiple inboxes.

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Airbnb Multi Calendar

Sync all of your Airbnb Calendars into a single screen that allows you to keep tabs on all of your rentals. Effortlessly plan cleaning or maintenance crews without interfering with guests’ stays. Quickly change prices, see available days, or view upcoming bookings, all without logging in and out of multiple accounts! Your Airbnb Business has never been so efficient!

If you’re managing multiple Airbnb accounts, you need Hosty’s Airbnb Multi-Calendar. Our innovative design and intuitive interface will help you organize your entire Airbnb business in a way you’ve never thought possible.

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Airbnb Listing Management Tools

Use Hosty’s comprehensive dashboard to view and edit information from all connected accounts. Quickly change prices, view availability and even see guest communications without leaving the dashboard. Just what you need for the smooth operation of an Airbnb portfolio.

Did you know that your listing management capabilities are reciprocal? That means that any changes that you make to your Airbnb listings will be reflected in Hosty dashboard, and vice versa. Automatic Airbnb synchronization of vital information at your fingertips.

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Airbnb Automation

Take the tedious but necessary tasks of guest communication out of your daily workload with our airbnb automation feature. Automate messages before, during, or after guests’ stays to keep them informed about important information. With Hosty you can now automate your pricing management to save time, maximize revenues and minimize vacant days. Go as far as the automation of guest reviews! Keep your response rate high and communicate effectively, even when you’re away from the office.

An effective way to get more bookings and high user reviews is to reply to guests’ messages quickly and consistently. Hosty’s Airbnb automation feature will help you keep your guest communication scores high without the stress of having to respond to messages when you’re not available. Increase your efficiency and keep guests happy with Hosty.

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Multiple Airbnb Accounts Integration

Airbnb multiple accounts integration has never been so easy. See all bookings, communications, and analytic tools in one place. No need to switch back and forth between different accounts. You’ll wonder how you managed your Airbnb business before Hosty!

Don’t stress about juggling multiple accounts or forgetting to update them on time. Skip the hassle of managing more than one Airbnb account. With Hosty’s multiple account integration, you’ll save time and reduce redundancy, making you more productive and your Airbnb business more profitable than ever before.

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