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Vacation rental taxes made simple

MyLodgeTax prepares, files, and remits your lodging tax returns accurately every time – guaranteed. Just $20 / month.

MyLodgeTax was founded by vacation rental owners to offer a very simple and affordable lodging tax compliance solution for other homeowners and hosts. We speak about taxes in simple terms, not complicated jargon. There is a lot of confusion about what needs to be done and how to do it. Our mission is to handle all the forms, registrations, filings and tax payments for our customers so they don’t have to worry about it.

While helping homeowners is where we started, our solution has grown to serve property managers, hotel operators, corporate housing providers, travel companies, and many other businesses that have to collect and remit lodging tax. We provide lodging tax compliance solutions for both large and small companies.

We file your lodging taxes in 3 easy steps:

  1. Set up your property: Our tax experts will work with you to determine which state and local licenses you need and help you complete your registrations.
  2. Report your revenue: Once per month, simply log into your MyLodgeTax account and report your rental revenue. We’ll file and pay the taxes.
  3. Enjoy peace of mind: Get back to running your vacation rental knowing your lodging taxes are filed correctly – guaranteed!

Features and Benefits

  • Complete any required registration or licensing forms: Most short-term vacation rentals need to register or obtain licenses with multiple state and local tax agencies. We do it all for you!
  • Determine your exact lodging tax rate: Using your rental address, we’ll determine exactly which state, county, and city tax rates you need to collect and file.
  • Prepare, file, and pay all lodging taxes when due: Most property owners file over 16 forms per year with multiple agencies, monthly and quarterly. We guarantee all filings are accurate.
  • Provide a record of all tax filings and payments: Access your lodging tax filing and payment history at any time by simply logging into your MyLodgeTax account.

Need to know your tax rate? Get the tax rate and licensing requirements for your location with our free tax rate lookup tool. See your tax rate >

With MyLodgeTax, you can be confident you have tax experts filing tax returns on your behalf. We strive every day to achieve the following goals:

  • Make lodging tax return filing incredibly simple—just input your revenue, we’ll do the rest
  • File accurate lodging tax returns—guaranteed
  • Deliver a cloud based product that is super easy to use
  • Over 200,000 lodging tax returns filed
  • Over $200 million in taxes paid
  • Returns filed in over 25,000 locations in all 50 states

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Avalara it's a nest of incompetents

Avalara it's a nest of incompetents, the typical UK company where the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Slow, incapable of communication, ignorants, they cannot handle an email because the attachment it's a plain JPG and not a PDF. Parasites that they don't give any service, they just speculate on the complexity of the EU VAT legislation. Parasites!

I have to agree with everyone else

I have to agree with everyone else. While most of our returns have been ok - it took AGES to get setup (6 months in some cases). Once it was set up, the guy I dealt with was ok. Then Lucy took over. I don't get any email replies. I'm trying to get a new form for the SEPA bank account for my French VAT services, and they can't even manage that! They also set up the Spanish VAT number as a local one (and not VIES), so now I'm trying (and failing) to get them to do this - which they promised from day 1 when I noticed the issue (over 2 years ago).

Took 1 year to register VAT on Amazon and they still did it wrong.

The level of incompetence is by far the highest I've ever seen. They are supposed to be responsible for registration on Amazon Marketplaces and delay the process for months (I have a proof of numerous email replies that took them 3 months!!!) Just received penalty from Tax Office in France for late VAT filling (Avalara's responsibility) - What did Avalara say? Quote - "You are responsible for any penalties that are incurred for the period" They registered my company a year earlier than I requested (2017 instead of 2018) and then say they are not responsible for the period that I wasn't with them. That doesnt even make sense. I would never register for a period that I wasnt even supposed to register, they did that and in the end they say they don't take responsibility. This company is a joke that should be shutdown.