ADT Pulse

Gain more control over your home – even if you’re away

The ADT Pulse system combines home security with automation features that let you manage, monitor and modify your home from almost anywhere. You can arm and disarm your home’s security system, display video monitoring, control temperature and lights, receive alerts and custom notifications, as well as lock and unlock doors – all remotely through the ADT Pulse online portal, or the ADT Pulse app for smartphones and tablets. The ADT Pulse system also includes an interactive, in-home, Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen that’s easy to use anywhere in your home. ADT Pulse systems are available for business customers who want greater control of their security and automation features.

  • Remote Arm & Disarm: Turn your home alarm on or off from virtually anywhere and keep your home safe while you’re away.
  • Remote Lock & Unlock: Remotely lock or unlock your doors, and never worry about leaving your garage door open again. Close it from virtually anywhere with ADT Pulse.
  • Live Video Feed: Watch live video on your mobile devices and check in on your home, family and pets remotely.
  • Home Automation Control: Gain the freedom to control your home from virtually anywhere.

Set Up Custom Alerts and Notifications: If any of your smoke, carbon monoxide, door/window or motion sensors are triggered, you can set up Pulse to send you an immediate alert on your mobile devices. We also monitor your sensors 24/7 so we can notify first responders if there’s a threat or emergency at your home.

Your Phone Is Your ADT Thermostat Control: With your ADT Thermostat integrated into ADT Pulse, you can set up schedules to automatically adjust your home’s temperature when you’re home or away, make sure your pets are comfortable, and even get alerts if your home’s temperature changes unexpectedly.

Make Alexa Your Personal Security Assistant:Use voice commands to perform numerous functions, ask Alexa to arm or disarm your system, and control your lights, locks and garage door.

Turn Your Home into a Smart Home: Installing smart LED light bulbs and smart plugs and switches lets you connect your lights and small appliances to the ADT Pulse app. This gives you an exceptional level of convenience and control of your home, especially when you’re away. Set up automated schedules, make sure you turned off all your appliances when you left, and never again arrive to a dark home.

Get Professional System Installation and Integration: Our highly trained, certified technicians will professionally install each piece of equipment and integrate them into your Pulse app. Then they’ll test your system to ensure it’s working properly, and help guide you through how it works so you’ll be ready to use your system from day one.

Products that Work with ADT Pulse

  • Lights: Control your lights from almost anywhere, including dimming.
  • Thermostats: Adjust and schedule your thermostat remotely.
  • Garage Door: Open, close and monitor your garage door from anywhere.
  • Doorbell Camera: See, hear and speak to anyone at your door.
  • Smart Plugs and Switches: Transform your lighting, electronics and small appliances into smart devices you can control remotely.
  • Cameras: View live video from any of your cameras or watch clips of triggered events.
  • Doors/Locks: Lock and unlock smart locks from your phone.
  • CO and Fire Sensors: Get immediate alerts on your smartphone if one of your sensors is triggered.
  • Flood Sensors: Monitor for water leaks in your home and get alerts if one is detected.
  • Window & Door Sensors: Set up automatic alerts if someone triggers a window or door sensor, then check via your cameras to see who it is.

Unprotected After 2 Months

I am going on 2 months and ADT has yet to complete my installation, parts that have been installed are faulty, a refund for cameras that were not installed was never received and lastly, a $100 Visa Gift card was promised and never received. The installer never showed up to the final appointment to remedy all the issues which was scheduled 26 Feb between 11-3. I call the ADT customer service and they have no clue about a refund nor do they show any appointments. No one wants to help us and here we are with an unprotected home for almost 2 months and no remedy from customer service. Speaking with Keisha in customer service was an absolute waste of time and now I have to fight up the chain to find someone to resolve all of these issues before this turns into a legal battle. All the time and my home and family are not protected and ADT does not live up the their mission statement. Very dissatisfied and feel this is going to drag out for a long time.

Disappointed ADT Customer

I'll start out by saying that I have NEVER written a review for any product or service that I have purchased in the past. That being said, I cannot believe the lack of customer service I have experienced in the past week and felt absolutely compelled to caution others who may be thinking about going through ADT. I originally went through ADT because it is a big name business that I thought would provide my family with the protection we needed. At first the service was great. We had a technician come in and install our system and the guy that came was extremely knowledgable and willing to help. We just moved back to the U.S. from Germany so we had to buy all new appliances. We ordered our washer and dryer without thinking of the placement of our ADT key pad. After doing some measuring, we realized that the placement was going to be an issue. We contacted the person who did the initial installation, he had given us his card and told us to call him if we ever need anything. His response to me seemed a little odd but I kind of understood at the same time. He asked us if we would wait till after the 30 day period so it didn't look like he was returning back to our house for something he did wrong...again I kind of understood this and since it wasn't his fault, I agreed. Besides, the delivery of the washer and dryer wasn't supposed to be for another 30 or so days. My wife contacted our installer almost two weeks out from our projected washer and dryer delivery date and he agreed to come out on a set date between 11 and 3. That day came and my wife made sure to make herself available that day but the ADT rep never showed. My wife called and texted him numerous times throughout the day and he never bothered to return her call. Obviously we were frustrated but couldn't do a whole lot. I contacted the ADT customer service line the next day and they said that the only day they had available was Saturday...the day after our washer and dryer delivery. After I explained what happened, they said they would put a priority code on my case and that a manager would contact me within 24-48 hours...that never happened. During this time, the original ADT rep reached finally reached out to my wife, days later, and explained that he had broke his phone...unlikely, but OK. He then proceeded to tell my wife that her best course of action would be to contact ADT customer service to set up an appointment with a different person...ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This is the caliber of folks that such a large cooperation has working for them???? I contacted the customer service line again on Thursday and was passed around 4 different times to people that were "trying to help me" but there was never any resolution. After being on the phone for, no kidding, almost 2 hrs the end result was the same...what a joke! I completely understand that I am not the only customer ADT has but when their employee fails to deliver a service, I think adjustments should be made to ensure the customer is taken care of. This whole situation has me overwhelmed with the idea of being with them for another 35 months. I cannot believe how poor their customer service is, at least in this situation. Based on the size of their cooperation, you would think their customer support would be top notch...SO NOT THE CASE! Side Note: to be seems that the security portion of ADT is on point. I can't complain about their response to activated alarms. I accidentally closed the door to my restroom too hard and the broken glass detection went off while my house was alarmed. ADT security contacted me within seconds of the alarm going off. So to be clear, my complaints are not geared to the security portion of ADT, rather the customer support.