ADT Pulse

Gain more control over your home – even if you’re away

The ADT Pulse system combines home security with automation features that let you manage, monitor and modify your home from almost anywhere. You can arm and disarm your home’s security system, display video monitoring, control temperature and lights, receive alerts and custom notifications, as well as lock and unlock doors – all remotely through the ADT Pulse online portal, or the ADT Pulse app for smartphones and tablets. The ADT Pulse system also includes an interactive, in-home, Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen that’s easy to use anywhere in your home. ADT Pulse systems are available for business customers who want greater control of their security and automation features.

  • Remote Arm & Disarm: Turn your home alarm on or off from virtually anywhere and keep your home safe while you’re away.
  • Remote Lock & Unlock: Remotely lock or unlock your doors, and never worry about leaving your garage door open again. Close it from virtually anywhere with ADT Pulse.
  • Live Video Feed: Watch live video on your mobile devices and check in on your home, family and pets remotely.
  • Home Automation Control: Gain the freedom to control your home from virtually anywhere.

Set Up Custom Alerts and Notifications: If any of your smoke, carbon monoxide, door/window or motion sensors are triggered, you can set up Pulse to send you an immediate alert on your mobile devices. We also monitor your sensors 24/7 so we can notify first responders if there’s a threat or emergency at your home.

Your Phone Is Your ADT Thermostat Control: With your ADT Thermostat integrated into ADT Pulse, you can set up schedules to automatically adjust your home’s temperature when you’re home or away, make sure your pets are comfortable, and even get alerts if your home’s temperature changes unexpectedly.

Make Alexa Your Personal Security Assistant:Use voice commands to perform numerous functions, ask Alexa to arm or disarm your system, and control your lights, locks and garage door.

Turn Your Home into a Smart Home: Installing smart LED light bulbs and smart plugs and switches lets you connect your lights and small appliances to the ADT Pulse app. This gives you an exceptional level of convenience and control of your home, especially when you’re away. Set up automated schedules, make sure you turned off all your appliances when you left, and never again arrive to a dark home.

Get Professional System Installation and Integration: Our highly trained, certified technicians will professionally install each piece of equipment and integrate them into your Pulse app. Then they’ll test your system to ensure it’s working properly, and help guide you through how it works so you’ll be ready to use your system from day one.

Products that Work with ADT Pulse

  • Lights: Control your lights from almost anywhere, including dimming.
  • Thermostats: Adjust and schedule your thermostat remotely.
  • Garage Door: Open, close and monitor your garage door from anywhere.
  • Doorbell Camera: See, hear and speak to anyone at your door.
  • Smart Plugs and Switches: Transform your lighting, electronics and small appliances into smart devices you can control remotely.
  • Cameras: View live video from any of your cameras or watch clips of triggered events.
  • Doors/Locks: Lock and unlock smart locks from your phone.
  • CO and Fire Sensors: Get immediate alerts on your smartphone if one of your sensors is triggered.
  • Flood Sensors: Monitor for water leaks in your home and get alerts if one is detected.
  • Window & Door Sensors: Set up automatic alerts if someone triggers a window or door sensor, then check via your cameras to see who it is.

If I could get rid of this contract I…

If I could get rid of this contract I would in a heart beat. But sadly I can’t get out of it until February 2022 (meaning they renewed my contract without my permission) or they want $2,000 and something dollars. I pay for something so expensive for it to never work. It’s one thing after another and they don’t care about the actual service you get just the money they get every time your payment is due.

ADT = absolute nightmare. STAY AWAY!!

ADT has been an absolute nightmare from day one. Nothing ever works the way it is supposed to. It is VERY expensive and I am essentially paying for a glorified key lock. The reason we got roped into signing a contract (one of the biggest mistakes we've ever made) was because we didn't want to give keys to the house out to workers, dog walkers, etc. Every time we try to create a user code, it says "synchronizing" and never works. So instead, for the first few months, we get a phone call from the person saying their code doesn't work so we have to remotely unlock/disarm. My husband and I both work full time, so eventually we were just forced to give out our master code as it is the only one that works.... which is no different than giving out a key. That is just one example of the issues we've had. Every time I have called ADT they are absolutely useless. They refuse to refund me for MONTHS of payments for a service that doesn't work (or, worse, they say they will and then don't) and refuse to let me out of the contract . They don't hold up their end of the contract as their product doesn't work, but I am expected to uphold my, very expensive, end. I am so profoundly disappointed with this service and the customer service that has been provided (or lack thereof) throughout. I have been warning anyone and everyone I know to NEVER get ADT. Counting down the days until the contract expires.

8 sensors + 2 Keychains for FREE promised- only got 5 - RIP OFF!

Just moved into my new home. Got an advertisment in the mail where they promised 8 sensors + 1 Keychain for FREE - I called and they confirmed that on the phone- even "trew in" a second Keychain for free.... On installation day I only got 5 sensors and no keychain. They wanted to charge me for everything else! And even told me that they usually only give 2 sensors for free and I should be lucky to even get 5! TOTALLY RIP OFF!