Get ready for smarter, simpler smart home automation

You may already have smart home monitoring at your primary residence, but smart home security is also perfect for rental properties, vacation homes, and HomeAway spaces. Our home automation products help secure your properties, cut energy costs, and keep renters happy.

Nexia makes hosting your vacation rental spaces a cinch, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Use your smartphone to unlock garage doors and locks for guests when they ring your smart door bell.
  • Engage your alarm system when your spaces aren’t occupied, ensuring they stay secure.
  • Use smart home monitoring to manage your property even when you’re away on business or vacation.

With Nexia’s smart home security systems, you can easily control who enters and exists your properties through smart door locks, remote garage door openers and more.

Use security cameras in conjunction with your smart home alarm to keep an eye on your properties. If someone visits without authorization, you’ll be the first to know.

With Nexia’s programmable thermostats, you can manage your properties’ temperatures year-round. You can water landscaping remotely, ensuring controlled water use and avoiding running sprinklers when it’s raining.

Between managing your property’s temperature remotely and monitoring for leaks, you no longer have to fear damage from burst pipes or other preventable water damage.

Invest in properties, even far away from your zip code. Give a renter a unique door code for your condo without sharing your personal security code. Nexia empowers you to manage your properties from anywhere, saving on travel and expanding your investment options.

We make it easy to manage multiple smart home components from one smartphone app. Our app is compatible with all smartphone operating systems, which means you can manage properties from any smartphone. Many leading smart home products manufacturers are Nexia certified, which means you can manage both existing and new home automation components.

Our Products

  • System control
  • Security and safety
  • Surveilance
  • Climate
  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Sensors
  • Insurance eligible
  • Garage doors
  • Windows and doors
  • Water
  • Irrigation
  • Energy
  • Appliances

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No reviews yet. Want to share a review? Click here