Professional laundry service for Airbnb hosts

Zipjet offers a hotel-quality service to Airbnb hosts all across London. With Zipjet’s 24 hour laundry service, you can have dirty bedding picked up from a nominated location at a time you choose, and dropped back off the next day. Zipjet offers a professional quality dry-cleaning, including:

  • sheets
  • duvet covers for beds of all sizes
  • pillow cases
  • towels

When your washing arrives at our facility, our experts will assess the care label and fabric type. This bespoke approach ensures a premium finish, with professional ironing taking place after treatment with quality cleaning solvents.

Zipjet is the best option for making sure your guests enjoy top quality cleanliness and hygiene, and our service also allows you to add any personal laundry you may need to your order from coats to suits and shirts to socks.

Incredibly quick service though left with neighbour

Incredibly quick service - couldn’t have been more impressed with the turn around and clothes smell amazingly fresh. My one criticism is the delivery driver arrived early, before the delivery slot and left with the neighbour without confirming if this was okay or not, rather than waiting for the delivery slot. Will 100% use again - hopefully they will be able to iron general laundry soon