Professional laundry service for Airbnb hosts

Zipjet offers a hotel-quality service to Airbnb hosts all across London. With Zipjet’s 24 hour laundry service, you can have dirty bedding picked up from a nominated location at a time you choose, and dropped back off the next day. Zipjet offers a professional quality dry-cleaning, including:

  • sheets
  • duvet covers for beds of all sizes
  • pillow cases
  • towels

When your washing arrives at our facility, our experts will assess the care label and fabric type. This bespoke approach ensures a premium finish, with professional ironing taking place after treatment with quality cleaning solvents.

Zipjet is the best option for making sure your guests enjoy top quality cleanliness and hygiene, and our service also allows you to add any personal laundry you may need to your order from coats to suits and shirts to socks.

Worse since the buy-out

I used to use Zipjet for a while before it got acquired by laundrapp. They increased their prices, then their delivery fee, then removed it but included a minimum spend. The delivery was missed twice, and last time it was late without notice, from a guy not even muttering a “hello”. I’m on the verge to stop using the service altogether. I can’t trust a service with such random deliveries and price model. The minimum spend is way too high, I need to send 15 shirts for each cleaning!

£1200 worth of clothing ruined as this…

£1200 worth of clothing ruined as this incompetent company machine washed 8 items of dry clean only clothing. I had to threaten legal action in order to be compensated for my loss and after 6 months and countless emails, I received just a fraction of the value of the items destroyed. Many of the items I had only worn once or twice. They also delivered me a bag of someone else’s sheets and towels instead of my own clothes. They arrived early when I was at work, they arrived late. The customer service team told me on 4 separate occasions I would be compensated and funds were not remitted. Something is going seriously wrong with the leadership in this organisation. Support your local dry cleaner and save yourself a headache.