London dry cleaning and laundry to your door

Want dry cleaning and laundry delivered to your doorstep in London? Laundrapp gives you the power to get your clothes washed, tumble dried and folded at the press of a button, then delivered anywhere for free. Download the app and try it for yourself!

Best of all, Laundrapp also gets rid of the hassle of ironing shirts and blouses by giving you the option to choose between hung or folded clothes. Looking good couldn’t be any easier than it is with Laundrapp, so order today to get your clothes picked up in the London area.

Stay as smart as your phone with the UK’s #1 laundry and dry cleaning app. We’ll collect, clean and deliver your clothes whenever and wherever you want.

Free collection and delivery available.

Avoid this company!

I have decided never to use this company again. Their services changed a lot, the collection and delivery are always very late or cancelled. They have wasted my time a few times e.g. I waited for them between 20:30 and 22:00 to collect my laundry and no one ever arrived. The last straw was when a month ago, instead of delivering my items by 20:30 they delivered them at 22:30. So very late for laundry delivery! In the morning, I realised they delivered a laundry which was not mine. I emailed them to come and fetch the item, but they never replied or collected it from me. So it became clear that they also lose people’s stuff and don't care. I decided to use a different company, and will never come back to them.

Avoid like the plague.

Diabolical service from start to finish. No care about customers, service staff who disappear or lie.No tracking. Slots changed by 9 hours with no notice. Phone number dead. Overcharged. Dire. Avoid- they are so bad it beggars belief. I need my clothes and I doubt I’ll see them today despite blatant lies from Molly at ‘customer service’

I have used this company for years and…

I have used this company for years and unfortunately the service and customer care have become the worst in the industry. Non existent service (always late with pick up and delivery; couldn’t change the card details in the app; then inserted the paypal details and the app stopped working). Non existent customer care: they simply don’t reply to emails anymore. I wrote multiple times and got no reply. Zero. If someone from the company reads this post please don’t tell me to get in touch by email or phone, as I have tried multiple times and got no reply.