Your Porter App

Run your Airbnb like a Superhost

Your Porter App is a mobile-first app for professional Airbnb hosts. Multiple listings and accounts on different platforms can be managed through our iOS, Android and web apps. Message automation is one of the most popular features of Your Porter App. You can create customizable templates and schedule a specific time to deliver your messages as native Airbnb chat, email or SMS.

Message Automation

Schedule Airbnb messages, emails and texts. Automate from inquiry to review. Boost your response rate even when sleeping.

  • Schedule Messages: Create personalized messages for your guests. We will send it out at the exact time and any stage of their stay in your guest’s language.
  • From Inquiry to Review: Automatically answer inquiries to increase your conversion rate. Never need to write a review manually with our auto review feature.
  • Manageable On the Go: Check your messages from anywhere you are. Get notified when we send a message and pause particular messages if necessary.
  • Advanced Filters: It will be easy to handle different reservation scenarios: depending on duration of stay, the number of guests, or a last minute booking.

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Channel Manager

Sync your prices and availabilities. Charge guests automatically. Manage all channels from a simple multi-calendar.

  • Real-time API connection: Sync availability and rates between Airbnb and Add a markup on your Airbnb prices to make the same amount from each channel.
  • Auto Payments: Charge your guests automatically. Schedule an automatic payment according to your preferences for your reservations.
  • Automated Messages: Send automated emails or SMS for all your guests no matter of the reservation channel. Control your messaging only from one platform.
  • Income Reports: Get your monthly income report with all the price breakdown details. You will be able to see exactly how much money you make from all different channels.

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Website Builder

Create your website with a single click. Generate bookings without channel commission. Sync your website calendar with all channels.

  • Direct Bookings: Create your website with a single click and accept reservations without channel commission. Secure the reservation and get a higher revenue in return.
  • Unified Calendar: Show real time rates and availability integrated with smart pricing tools. Sync your website’s calendar with multiple channels using our channel manager.
  • Online Payments: Take the credit card details of your guests, and charge them accordingly. Guarantee your reservations with a secure online payment system.
  • Professional Website: Use your own domain and generate organic traffic with an SEO-friendly website. Select your website’s design from different layout options.

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Income Reports & Co-Host Payments

Get monthly Financial Reports. Set your Commission Settings. Pay or Get Paid Online.

  • Financial Reports: Get a detailed report with price breakdowns. Know exactly how much money you make from all different channels.
  • Custom Payout Rules: Create your own rules according to your business model. Calculate your co-hosting commission and create a statement.
  • Statement Overview: Split cleaning and transaction fees between you and other parties. View all the price breakdown details in your monthly income statement.
  • Online Payment: Review your monthly statement, create, edit and send invoices. Enable integrated online payment using Stripe.

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Airbnb Rankings Report

A great tool for comparing your listing’s performance week by week.

  1. Gets all information about your listing from Airbnb. If you have multiple listings under the same account, all of them will be included in your reports.
  2. Finds the best search criteria for your listing. No matter if you are in a big city or in the countryside. Narrows down the filters until it finds the most appropriate competitors in your area. Measures “Competition Level” for given criteria.
  3. Considering given search criteria, it locates your listing’s positionamong your competitors. Regardless of variable availability, it shows your position accurately without any manipulations.
  4. Compares your position weekly for monitoring and understanding the effects of real events like 5* reviews, declined requests, confirmed reservations and so on. Prepared weekly with love by Your Porter App. Take a look at an sample report below.

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I like that the Porter App allows you…

I like that the Porter App allows you to integrate almost all websites to it's calendar as tracks all of your cost and expenses in one central location. This app saves me at least 30 to 60 minutes a day. Before using porter I was doing everything by myself and it was a nightmare.