America's leading daily luggage storage service

With 300+ locations in 30+ cities, Vertoe is America’s first & highly rated daily luggage and short term storage provider near you starting at $5.95/day/item. Items are insured up to $5000. Book & access safe storage space anywhere, anytime.

How it Works

  1. Book online: Find and book a Vertoe – put in the address, dates and times to see all nearby locations that fit your needs
  2. Drop your bags off: Store your items at the Vertoe location and secure bags with uniquely coded tamper proof seals (provided free at the location)
  3. Enjoy life hassle free: Enjoy the city hassle free knowing that your stuff is safety stored with us and come back to pick it up whenever needed

Safety First

Safety of your items is our top priority:

  • Tamper Proof Security Seals: All bags are secured with uniquely coded tamper proof seals (provided free at the location)
  • $5000 Insurance: We cover up to $5,000 for every online booking
  • Verified Locations: All Vertoe locations are vetted, verified and trained by our team before being listed on site

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No one there!!!

Booked and paid for last minute left luggage in Dublin, but when we arrived at the b&b there was no one to take the bags. I one answered the door but a guest let us in. No one was there. We looked everywhere, in the staff kitchen, our back, in the basement area. No one. So we had to go to not miss our booked tour. We ended up dragging our bags around Dublin for the 4 hrs we’d booked it for. Vertoe will not give a refund. Of course the reviews on their site are all positive, but I cannot seem to leave a review there. Probably only completed bookings get asked to write a review. 🙄

Avoid like a plague

What an absolute joke! Booked a “storage” which was the most convenient to my location. Well, convenient isn’t always good. Turned up to be greeted by the most rude man in the world. Took our bags to a back on the store. Literally, back of the store where customers could go in and have a look. You could see my bags from the front of the store. Not secure at all! When I asked what time they close (something came over me to just ask) they gave me different time to what the Vertoe told me. The close earlier, how much earlier? Well the person doesn’t know, his exact words were “7, maybe 7.30 I don’t know”, when showing him the booking he just shrugged it off, I asked him if the bags can be put somewhere save and if I can get in writing that the bags have been checked in, the rudeness from this man was something I never experienced in my life! I asked if he can contact the owner, who wasn’t there, and he just stared at me and kept saying I’m not doing anything. Joke. I went to Vertoe to ask for refund, and explained the situation. They told me they will contact the owner, at that point I didn’t want to leave mu bags there and they kept pushing to leave it there and that it’ll be safe. Suddenly there was a woman from the shop who got involved. Telling us it’s safe to leave the bags, and guess what, literally two customers walked in wondering about. Point proven, and she said “oh I won’t let anyone in” … funny. I asked for refund and they kept trying to get me to go somewhere else, not interested, no way I’ll book with your company anything ever. I took pictures literally as the customers were wondering around where my bags were, I asked for a transcript of this chat and guess what, they don’t keep the Record of it as it’s “automatically refreshed”. I managed to get them to give me refund which I’m going to get 5-10 days - I took a screen shot, let’s see if my money arrives. AVOID LIKE A PLAGUE!!

lesson learned…

I needed to put our back packs into a locker for a few hours while we explored Barcelona on the last day of our trip. I googled locker and came across I tried to find there nearest locker storage place but had to pay before the exact location was shared with me. 15 euro for 2 backpacks. It was not a locker storage place, it was a corner shop. the guy behind the counter expected me to just leave my bag there. when I asked to see the lockers he got aggressive "locker down stairs" he said, but I knew he was lying. I refused to leave my bag there and left but Vertoe refused to give me a refund. I found a real locker storage facility not far away and it cost 5 euros for the day. This is not a good company and I would never use them again. they don't care about the safety of your stuff and charge 3 times as much as a real locker storage company to just dump your bags in the back store room of any business they can sign up. please save yourself the time and money and use a reputable locker storage facility.