Pickup and delivery for your dry cleaning and laundry

Rinse is a dry cleaning & laundry delivery service focused on helping you make better use of the +4 hours per week that you spend cleaning your clothes.

Using Rinse is easy!

Our deliveries are always based on your schedule. Scheduling a Rinse is as simple as responding “Y” to a text message. Just tell us when you’re free and we’ll come to your front door.

Once we’ve received your clothes, we examine everything on an item-by-item basis and have our cleaning experts provide the best possible care.

We only work with incredibly qualified cleaners, so the clothes we return to you are always spotless and ready for wear.

Our world-class customer service is something we take immense pride in. You can reach Rinse via email, text or by phone from 8am – midnight, 7 days a week.

Our pricing is simple and straight-forward, with no hidden charges.

If you’re tired of wasting your free time in the laundry room or at the Dry Cleaners, you can trust Rinse with all of your clothing care needs.

Live stress free & looking your best!

Rinse is an amazing laundry and dry…

Rinse is an amazing laundry and dry cleaning service that I have been using weekly for the last couple of years. With the push of a button on my rinse app, I am able to schedule my laundry for pickup. They also offer hang dry for my jeans and delicates. They have never lost or damaged an item. Their drivers work for Rinse and are not contractors like doordash, which makes me trust them more.

Longtime customer, recently disappointed

I’ve been a customer from Rinse for 4 years. I’ve been happy until the last 6 months. After my latest renewal the service has become so unreliable. They’ve missed 6 pickups or deliveries in that time period. Either their drivers have dropped in quality or their route planning decisions have hurt my address deeply.