Laundry and dry cleaning is a chore. We take care of it for you

DRYV gives you the power to request on-demand dry cleaning and laundry with the tap of a button. We enable the best local cleaners to deliver the most convenient, high quality pickup and delivery experience. Chore no more, we’ll take it from here!

You schedule an order pickup via the DRYV app or online. Your driver shows up promptly with laundry bags. We collect your belongings, answers any questions you may have about your order, and take any special requests. You can then view the status of your order every step of the way through the mobile app or online. You’re notified via SMS when the order is clean and ready for delivery. At your convenience (including nights and weekends), you can schedule your delivery and a driver will deliver your clean items in an eco-friendly garment bag, which you can keep for your next order!

Turnaround times are dynamic based on the day and time of your pickup. Typically items are cleaned and ready for delivery within 24-48 hours – but we’ll tell you when your order is expected to be ready when you schedule your order.

Our drivers arrive promptly within the 60 minute slot you’ve selected. If you’ve requested “Priority Pickup”, your driver will be there in 60 minutes or less.