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Automate your vacation rental marketing

Diversify your marketing with niche & global sites. Rentals United is the most powerful Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals.

Tap into the power of a next generation channel manager. 250,000 vacation rentals use Rentals United for their marketing strategy. Don’t let the vacation rental revolution unfold without you!

A Channel Manager automates your Marketing! Manage and sync your calendars & rates automatically and in real-time. 1 in 2 property managers use a channel manager today… why? Because it saves them a huge amount of time (20 hours per week for some!) and allows them to diversify their marketing with new vacation rental sites.

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How It Works

  1. Choose which sites you want to advertise on. Each vacation rental site has its own set of rules (and own commission). We explain those very clearly and will all the detailed information you need to make a decision. When you’re ready, go through a checklist for each of the listing sites you want to advertise on.
  2. Get trained by one of our consultants. In order to get the best ranking possible, some vacation rental sites require training! One of our consultants will take you through this training during the first month of your subscription. You will need to invest some time at the beginning but soon you’ll think “How did I ever live without it!” 

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Direct Bookings

Get your guests to book directly with you. Rentals United offers a fully optimized booking engine and website template.

Get your guests to book directly with you using our optimized and mobile friendly Book Direct pages. We create a glossy, fast-loading and elegant page for each of your vacation rentals. Guests can check your pricing & availability right away, proceed to checkout and confirm the reservation. Send your Book Direct pages to future guests or share them on social media.

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Mobile App

Your Vacation Rental Business On the Go. Get the Rentals United App and never miss a new booking with our push notifications!

Log into your Rentals United account via the Android or iOS app, and check your bookings on the go! You can view your property calendars, access reservation details, contact guests instantly from your mobile or tablet, even share properties through a shortcut link. Never miss a new reservation with our push notifications.

Receive instant push notification when a new comment, booking or cancellation comes in. We also inform you about arrivals in the next 24 hours. If you’re looking for a guest in particular, you can search and filter your bookings and see your availbility calendars.

Easily contact your guests via e-mail or phone: we show you the email and telephone number of your guests for each booking (this is not a chat function yet!). Want to send the link to your property page quickly via your phone? Use the share function to copy the link!

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Guest Planner

A whole new way to visualize your guests journey from enquiry to check-out!

Organize arrivals and cleaning tasks with drag & drop. Our next generation dashboard enables vacation rental professionals to efficiently control every step of the reservation process and never forget the important tasks needed for each guest. A whole new way to visualize your operations, in a customisable guest journey format.

All your bookings in a guest journey format. Visualize your entire list of bookings, arranged in guest journey steps. Efficiently organize daily and future tasks, set assignment and reminders. Use the filters to find bookings and re-arrange columns according to your business processes. Available for desktop devices. Soon for tablets!

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Quality Checker

More Bookings with the Quality Checker. Let Rentals United automatically check the quality of your content.

Top-Notch Content Simplified! The Quality Checker is a unique tool that analyzes the content of your listings and delivers instantly a tailored report that shows what needs improvements. Using the requirements by top vacation rental sites and OTAs, the Quality Checker will analyze the essentials you need to get listed and rank high!

Run the report! Simply upload your properties to Rentals United and run the report! You will immediately receive in your inbox a report showing what to improve for each property. It will tell you if the rental has enough images at the right resolution, whether rates or amenities are missing, if the cancellation policy is set and much more.

Content matters! All listing sites agree: first-rate content is the key to optimized listings that generate more bookings. The Quality Checker is an excellent tool for managers with numerous properties and those growing their portfolio! You will know right away what needs to be corrected and act on it!

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Scammed on here

Scammed on here. Made a hotel reservation that turned out to be fake (the website looked British?). Almost showed up on my trip without a place to stay! Haven't lost any money--yet--but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Good value for money and customer support

STRONG POINTS 1. Rentals United is mostly a solid CHANNEL MANAGER with the broadest spectrum of OTAs available on the market. I've connected to most of them, but 5 top performers generate almost all bookings in London. Still, there were hardly any connection issues after nearly 2 years, and I avoided the nuisance and stress of double bookings and iCals failing, improving my OTA mix and revenue. 2. PRICE The more properties you have better the price. After our research and having circa 40 units to manage, it was the best value for money as the price is fixed and you know exactly how much you will pay. You can integrate some external software which I describe below and that costs extra. 3. INTEGRATION WITH OTHER SERVICES We found external DYNAMIC PRICING integration (Pricelabs, Beyond Pricing or Wheelhouse) and OPERATIONAL APPS (Wishbox, Chekinn, Doinn, HelloHere, SuperHog) great. For payments for direct bookings, you can integrate STRIPE (a flat fee per charge if generated from RU, free if you take payment manually). These apps are optional, and you pay extra for them, but we are glad we found them! RU FEATURES - strengths and weaknesses 1. BOOK DIRECT Free website generator creates one page per listing, but guest cannot search for availability between all your listings, which makes it not very useful. We mostly get bookings from the OTAs, and direct bookings are from returning guests, so it is not a deal-breaker, but it would be great to have this function. 2. GUEST PLANNER is a place where you can see a snapshot of what is happening at your properties: your current reservations, check-in / check-out; You can also communicate with guests there. It's a bit difficult to use when you have many properties - in our case, we used the multicalendar available in the software and integrated external communication service available on RU. 3. GUEST COMMUNICATION - you will receive messages from all platforms on your email, and you can message guests on most platforms (I believe not all, but I'm not sure) from Rentals United directly. Instead we use one of the integrated software providers for that as it allows us to upsell, take pre-check-in data, security deposit, etc. and communicate via WhatsApp, text message, online chat, so that guests cannot miss our messages - not everyone can access their email at all times, so the text message backup is great. 4. QUALITY CHECKER Good to understand if you need to upload any new information so that your listings have more visibility on the OTAs. Your account manager for each channel may give you more tips on how to get even higher in ranks. 5. Data Studio Free basic data to better understand your properties. I have not tried expensive advance option as it was only released recently. It's their first own premium ad-on. ALL IN ALL, good value for money and a solid product that is being improved constantly. Prepare for bumps and sweat during integration and use extra external services to generate extra income and make it easier and more guest friendly.