Magnetic Strategy

Helping property owners maximize their direct bookings and revenue with our proven marketing system.

Magnetic Strategy was started as a response to the many web-related problems facing Vacation Rental Managers, from websites to digital advertising. First-hand experience with the challenges of digital marketing for vacation rentals — and their solutions — gave founders Mike Archer and Randy Bonds the opportunity to deliver proven client success through data-driven, integrated, and continuously-improving SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Content Development practices.

Vacation Rental Marketing

A key component of any holistic digital marketing plan, SEO helps qualified renters find the most relevant vacation rental properties and overall results for their search queries. With decades of SEO experience and digital marketing expertise, Magnetic Strategy offers actionable and easily quantifiable web-based solutions for Vacation Rental Managers.

Search Engine Optimization

Otherwise known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is designed to help put your rental on the first page of Google. Meticulous keyword research, technical fixes, content, and strategy increases organic visibility in search engines. This helps prospective customers find your properties, or properties in your location, quickly and easily.

A broad overview of our SEO process focuses on these core areas to improve search engine visibility:

  • Research: Gather data around audience search intent, web traffic trends, and conversion metrics.
  • Auditing: Uncover a site’s technical limitations and opportunities in order to improve search visibility.
  • Strategic Planning: Create detailed plans to implement audit recommendations, evaluate the content, and prioritize new content creation.
  • Optimization: Enhance all user-facing website content to align with goal relevancy and search intent.
  • Content Creation: Execution of content planning and the opportunities identified in the auditing or strategy phase.
  • Measurement: Measure KPI through monthly performance reporting.


Content Development & Copywriting Services

Content development begins with a comprehensive understanding of the needs, preferences, problems, and desires of your target audience. The next step is to take a close look at your current website traffic and determine the most effective areas to edit or add content to address traffic patterns. The final step is to create the kind of compelling content that provides value to those seeking information.


  • Discovery & Goal Setting

Here we seek to understand your business, your products, general business goals, and goals you’d like content to accomplish while working together to develop a set of relevant terms you’d like to be found for, as well as a set of achievable success metrics that we’ll use to measure and define success.

  • Content Gap Analysis

The Gap Analysis assesses how much traffic your site is missing out on by not providing the content that addresses the needs of your customers. This helps you identify areas of your site (those that exist now and those that should exist) that present the most valuable opportunities.

  • Content Audit

The Content Audit is an inventory and scoring of the content you already have, assessing whether it’s working or not, opportunities for improvement, whether it’s relevant, up-to-date, or useful, and provides recommendations on quick wins that can improve the findability, readability, usability, and shareability of your existing content.

  • Content Optimization

Using the information and insights gleaned from Discovery, Gap Analysis, and the Content Audit, we develop a plan to move through your site, page by page, updating and editing the content and site technical specifications to improve its visibility to search engines, increasing traffic to the pages on your site that already exist.

  • Content Development

Once all your existing content is achieving its full potential, we really put the Gap Analysis to work, developing a plan to create new content and site pages which will “fill the gaps” in your content. Over a period of months, this approach can grow your search footprint while extending the number of pages you have available for topics you know potential customers are already looking for.

  • Review & Reporting

Periodically (usually monthly) thereafter, we’ll run a report on the site pages we optimized and those we created, reviewing them along with the key performance metrics decided upon during discovery. We then analyze these results for successes that can be replicated and opportunities to further improve your site’s content.

  • Repeat Process

As language, interest, and the world at large change, so too will the way customers search for, and find, your site. The only way to ensure your site continues to perform in reaching all of its potential is to engage in an abbreviated version of the process again every 18 to 24 months. By periodically refreshing your site’s content, you can ensure your business stays relevant and your customers continue to find you.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimization services turn browsing website visitors into paying customers. From acquisition funnel analysis, to landing page optimization, and through a series of select test sessions,  we bring a data-backed, strategic approach to CRO, ensuring the maximum number of potential clients who do visit your website leave as satisfied customers.


  • Discovery & Goal Setting

Here we seek to understand your business, your products and what conversion points we want to define and measure.

  • Understand Traffic Sources

It’s imperative to understand all sources of traffic and how they behave. We’d want to leverage the traffic that is already converting well for your business.

  • Deep-dive Research

Ensure we have a thorough understanding of the industry, the market, and the unique factors of your business.

  • Testing Strategy Development

Review any previous tests that may have worked in the past. Use data to generate test ideas around what elements we want to test, and evaluate whether entirely new landing page tests are required.

  • Landing Page/Message Variation Development

After defining what we’re testing and why we’re testing it, we’ll want to create some variations of the control page. The page we’re trying to improve is called the control. This could include wireframes and design comps or very simple element changes on the page.

  • Test Plan Implementation

We run the test until we’ve reached statistical significance. This is just a fancy way of saying we’ve run the test long enough to have reliable data to base our decisions on.

  • Conclusion and Integration

After we’ve reached a reliable threshold for data, we review the tests and report those back to the client. If the results are significant enough, we’ll work with your developers directly to have the changes implemented on the main site or we’ll do it ourselves with your permission.

  • Repeat Additional Tests

We’ll then continue to test conversion points and other key performance indicators on your website to continuously refine the experience and conversion potential on your site.


Custom Web Design & Development Services

Magnetic Strategy has extensive experience in designing and developing websites for vacation rental professionals. Our team takes the time to fully understand your market and goals before creating each website. Our capabilities come from years of studying and working with a variety of vacation rental companies around the world.

Our custom websites are designed using WordPress and connected to a variety of property management software providers through our booking engine. We develop all websites with speed, SEO and UX in mind to maximize conversions for each partner.

We have expert knowledge of SEO and develop all websites from the ground up with this in mind. This offers the best benefits for each website to launch with confidence!

WordPress Plugin Booking Engine

The booking engine is what connects your website to your Property Management Software (PMS) — allowing for online reservations. This is one of the most important components of a website for user experience and conversions. Our philosophy when building our booking engine was to create a clean, easy to navigate design while removing any conversion roadblocks.

Our booking engine is developed as a WordPress plugin and connects to all major PMS systems that allow API connectivity. We believe that one size does not fit all, so the booking engine is customizable to fit a variety of preferred partner needs.