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Founded by travel enthusiasts, BnBird wants to connect guests, with new traveling experiences in Portugal, while offering an unique hosting approach. Being natural born Portuguese, and Lisbon lovers, we found that our country, is one of the best places in the World to do it. That’s why we founded BnBird, to give our guests the opportunity to discover our country, its history and charm, with a more local perspective.

Horrible scam spoiled the experience.

Horrible scam spoiled the experience. So, it turns out these people are just cheap thieves who are more interested in making a quick buck than serving their clients. Be warned! They refused to refund our deposit claiming, without evidence, that we had damaged a fridge. They sent us pictures of the fridge but they were pictures of a totally different fridge. When we pointed this out they changed their story to say it was another fridge we had damaged. (Coincidentally the cost to repair the damage was exactly the same!). This is an old trick commonly used by car rental companies to extract extra money from their customers - they claim you have caused some damage and withhold some of the deposit. Of course they won't actually fix the damage - because they can get the next poor sucker to pay for it again... and again... and again. They have been reported to the authorities and hopefully the city council will realise that companies like this give the entire rental sector a bad name and will take some action against them. In the meantime, if you do rent a property through these clowns be sure to take photographs of the entire property on the day you move in so you can prove that any existing damage was there when you moved in. Personally, you couldn't pay me to use these people again.