Create a new opportunity for your portfolio

Increase the versatility of your asset with an expert partner who helps you deliver a new kind of living experience for the tenants of the future.

The Creative Suite

By partnering with 20 of the NMHC Top 50 developers, we’ve created a dynamic housing solution that is built for the future of real estate and is entirely designed, installed and managed by us.

Designed to Add Value

Guarantee stability in shifting markets with our beautiful, highly considered spaces purpose-built for the 40% of modern residents and business travelers who are seeking short-term furnished spaces.

  • Boost your occupancy and operating income: We’re a strong economic partner, signing long-term leases that support your net operating income and increase your occupancy.
  • Offer your residents a unique amenity: Differentiate your offering by giving current tenants access to all of our suites at a great discount, at home or across the country. And close prospective residents with an amenity that sets your building apart.
  • Serve a new and growing demand space: Cater to the increasing interest in shorter-term leases and furnished options by letting us provide the operations and management that will help you meet this growing market.

Built for Success

  • Partner with the NMHC Top 50: Our credibility and reach are our cornerstones as a proud member of the NMHC.
  • Backed by Barry Sternlicht, Fifthwall and More: Strategic relationships with Starwood founder Barry Sternlicht and the real estate-focused venture fund Fifth Wall provide deep industry knowledge, while NEA backing guarantees strong financial standing.
  • Operational Excellence Powered by Technology: Our suites are kept to exacting standards with our in-house quality assurance platform. Peace and quiet are important for our guests, so our noise-protection technology lets us know what’s going on down to the decibel.
  • Supported by Best-in-Class Safety and Security: Our focus on safety is upheld by exhaustive background checks on all prospective guests and a 24/7 in-market security team ready to handle any issue. Plus, each suite is insured up to 10-million dollars.
  • Delivered with White Glove Support: Our 24/7 remote Suite Support team is always available by text, phone and email to take care of every guest need, so you and your staff never have to. And our dedicated Buildings Best Partner Team works with your building every step of the way.

Empowered by Data

  • Informed by Deep Market Knowledge: Our proprietary data and analytics platform helps us identify the most strategic opportunities for everyone by mapping out the best locations and unit types down to the block.
  • Driven by Advanced Pricing Intelligence: We’ve built the short-term rental industry’s most  sophisticated pricing algorithm, Wheelhouse, to perfectly price every evening of every stay for guaranteed financial success.
  • Propelled by Real-Time Insights: Our deep and broad database of insights around market performance and resident preferences are designed to optimize your next major development.

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