How much is your home worth?

Eliot’s rent estimate uses billions of vacation rental pricing points to accuratly predict short-term rental revenue, trends and price surge events.

Our short-term rental pricing tool is free.

It can help you increase your homeaway rental income for instance. Whether you are a property manager or an Airbnb Plus host, using sites like VRBO, Homeaway, Windu, you’ll find our vacation rental income calculator pretty useful to improve your pricing strategy.

This Airbnb calculator is also available via our widget and an API that you can use to showcase potential vacation rental income.

Eliot’s Artificial Intelligence determines short-term rental estimates for a home based on a range of publicly available information as well as user feedback. Eliot’s estimate is a starting point in determining a home’s short-term rental value. Eliot also mines event datasets and user generated content to determine precise local price surge timing. The accuracy of the Estimate varies by location depending on how much information is publicly available. Estimates have fair to high accuracy levels for over 500 million homes around the world, including 100+ million properties in the United States and millions of price surge events.

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