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Your key, reinvented

Sesame is a robot you install over your deadbolt. Since there’s no need to take apart your existing lock or replace any of its part, Sesame can also be considered a retrofit smart lock. Sesame adheres directly to your door and grips onto your lock’s knob, then uses its motor to turn the knob and lock/unlock your door.

With Sesame installed, you have more options – you can lock or unlock your door with your key, turn the thumb turn manually, or pass a command to Sesame from your phone via Bluetooth. You can also ask Sesame to generate guest keys for your friends and family so they can also lock and unlock Sesame from their phones. You can even set up Sesame so it’ll automatically unlock when you arrive and lock after a set period of time.

The Wi-Fi Access Point is an accessorty that serves as a bridge between Sesame and your Wi-Fi network. With the Wi-Fi Access Point, you can connect to Sesame from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, allowing you to lock/unlock your door, manage guest access, and receive real-time notifications – all while away from Sesame. It’s possible to use Sesame without the Wi-Fi Access Point, but if you want remote access to the Sesame smart lock, you’ll definitely want to pick up the Wi-Fi Access Point as well!

Sesame is AES 256-bit and TLS 1.2 encrypted, and we also have protocols in place to protect against relay attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks. No one will be able to brute force a connection to your Sesame and unlock it without the correct credentials.


  • Unlock with App: Turn your smartphone into your key! Lock and unlock your door with the Sesame app and enjoy your new keyless life.
  • Unlock with Knock: Don’t want to take out your phone? Keep it in your pocket and knock on your phone to unlock the door!
  • Auto-Unlock & Auto-Lock: Even better, let Sesame automatically unlock the door when you approach and auto-lock behind you to keep you safe.
  • Key: You’ll still be able to use your original key with Sesame, so feel free to keep it as a backup!
  • Wi-Fi Access Point: With the Wi-Fi Access Point, you’ll be able to connect to your Sesame from anywhere in the world!
  • Remote Access: Remote access makes it easy to unlock your door for a friend even when you’re out of town on vacation.
  • Airbnb: Simplify the key exchange process. Grant access to your guests through the Sesame app!
  • Party: Throwing a party? Allow approved guests to unlock the door and keep out uninvited strangers.
  • Family: Let trusted family members access you home. No more hiding keys under the mat!
  • Services: Set up permitted times for services that require access to your door – whether that’s a delivery service, a cleaning service, or dog-walking service.
  • Guest & Manager: Add a trusted friend as a manager and allow them to add and remove guests on your behalf.
  • Log: Sesame will keep track of actions it takes. Simply open up your app to see who’s been locking and unlocking your door!
  • History: All of Sesame’s records will remain in the app, so you can always check who accessed your door and when.
  • Access: Your guests won’t be able to see the log, but you can add trusted friends as managers to share access to the log.
  • Voice Control: Link Sesame to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit to control Sesame with your voice.
  • Automation: With IFTTT, you can link Sesame to over 400 services through applets. Set up your own rules for locking and unlocking, notifications, and more!
  • Notifications: Sesame can notify you through its own app or through social media platforms like Facebook, WeChat, and LINE.
  • Amazon: You can even automate the purchase of replacement batteries when Sesame’s batteries are low.
  • Smart Home: Add Sesame to your smart home setup and have everything exactly the way you want them when you arrive and depart.

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No reviews yet. Want to share a review? Click here