Direct Marketplace

Direct Marketplace is an online ecommerce store that specializes in furniture and electronics. Founded in 2010 by Johnny Ching, this is a site that can cater to all your needs for home furniture, home appliances, personal electronics, decorations, and more.

Airbnb hosts can benefit from the wild selection of items that we have on the Direct Marketplace website.

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BEWARE! SCAMMERS!! They shipped the wrong product then canceled the return and ignored me. I ordered a P4304XXMUXX. They shipped a P4304XXMFEN2. Very different products with obviously different part numbers. The one they shipped (ends in MFEN2) is worth MAYBE $200 and has been discontinued for years. I paid them $800 for the one I ordered that is a current product. Obviously the one they sent me is unusable for the server I'm building. I messaged them to tell them what happened and they ignored it. I instituted a return claim on Facebook marketplace. They CLOSED the return without communicating with me with the reason: "What is the reason for the return." They had already been told what the reason was, both in the Facebook return process and also via messenger. They ignored both. I sent them some more messages on Facebook. They ignored all of those too. Then I opened a complaint with Facebook and Facebook asked for me to reply to an email with pictures and to "explain the problem" again. Again I explained. I sent pictures. I have still been ignored by everyone and it's been 3 weeks since I received the wrong product. And they've just kept my $800 and pretended I don't exist. These people are scammers and Facebook won't do anything about it. I'll be filing a fraud claim with American Express next.