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Green Island Cleaning is providing one of the best janitorial services in Bronx NY. We’re providing office cleaning, marble cleaning, tile cleaning, floor cleaning, residential and commercial cleaning services in the Bronx. We’re here to solve all problems of your with only one solution. Call us to get our services.

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After being with so many different…

After being with so many different agencies I found CityLocal 101. They are amazing. Not only that they are talented, creative, professional and responsive, but they are also justgenuinely nice people. You truly feel like you have a partner when you work with CityLocal 101 and its team. Highly recommend!

Excellent service and easy…

Excellent service and easy implementation. Quick process to start using and get reviews and testimonials for your website! I feel CityLocal 101 has developed the most comprehensive marketing platform. We have found some pretty creative ways to utilize them using the tools that CityLocal 101 provides.

Constant improvement

Constant improvement. We automate as much as possible and that's easy with CityLocal 101. We send automated and manual questionnaires. If we would have any problems, I feel like I can trust the customer service to have my back and help me out. CityLocal 101 does valuable work for us but it does it quietly in the background.