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Brinks Home Security is one of the most widely recognized brands. Our security systems are simple, affordable, personalized, and reliable. You can depend on around the clock professional alarm monitoring while benefiting from our award-winning customer care through phone, text, or chat.

36 Month Contract to Pay for Equipment

The 36 month agreement is basically a contract to pay for the equipment so if you ever have the need to cancel the service during those three years then too bad because you will still be stuck with that bill. So I sold my home two months ago and when I called to "cancel service" I was told a termination order would be put it. Little did I know that I was still going to be charged for the remaining three months of the 36 month contract. Now, I understand that is in the contract but it's been almost three years! I would have much better preferred if the person that handled the "cancelation" would have given me a friendly reminder of "Hey, I know you will not be using the equipment anymore but you still owe us for that" instead of "processing" a termination order and sending me off on my way. Then I was offered to "transfer service" to my new home but honestly I just think it's a trap to get you into another contract with new equipment and start all over again. Also, once we got the Ring cameras and doorbell the security system basically became useless for us AND they are at a much lower cost. With all of that being said, I will not be recommending Brinks to anyone that I know.

All The Way Airborne I'm disable veteran I served with the…

I'm disable veteran I served with the 82nd Airborne division Alpha company 3/505 PIR Ft Bragg NC I've had the the security system since I 1st bought my house in 2019. Covid-19 finally hit my family and we went down to 1 income and that's my disability compensation from the military. I haven't missed a payment yet but I'm facing possible foreclosure on my home if I don't get rid of some of my expenses. A few of the service providers that I've spoken with have been phenomenal either canceling my services or putting my services on suspension until I can resolve my issues. Unfortunately brinks is not one of them. I called and informed them of my situation and asked if they can cancel my service until I'm able to resolve my financial problems. I was told that I still owed for 16 months and they cannot cancel my service. Since they automatically charge my bank account I've had to close my wellsfargo account and open up a USAA account and change my direct deposit information. It's a shame that brinks treat disabled veterans or any citizen this way. Now I'm under the impression that they will send my services to collections and I will have to file bankruptcy so that brinks can't force me to pay for the services that I can't afford at the moment. I will never recommend anyone to brinks because they don't understand that life happens to everyone and sometimes it's hard. All my parachute infantry brothers and all of my military brothers and sisters be careful of this company they only care about their bottom line and I'm saddened by this experience

Be sure to read ALL the fine print

Be sure to read ALL the fine print in your contract. I signed on with Teamtronics, they switched to Monitronics and then to Brinks. When we moved I sent a letter of cancellation to Teamtronics, which accomplished nothing! Brinks called me daily about my "outstanding" balance and would not do anything to help me. I was turned over to a collection agency and eventually was forced to pay. During this time I would get emails almost daily with offers of home security for a fraction of what they had been charging me. I would rather have my house broken into than to ever deal with Brinks again.