Stay Alfred

Ready to evolve your model? Short-term rentals done right.

Multifamily developer seeking added profitability? Property manager looking for stabilization control? It pays to partner with Stay Alfred.

Stay Alfred leases all or part of your building – from an entire property to a single floor in a building shared with long-term residents – while you sit back and collect the rent. 100% lease up. Zero effort.

Stay Alfred’s flexible master lease provides:

  • A zero-investment, zero-effort, true-turnkey solution
  • A secured lease that eliminates lease-up risk
  • Substantially improved NOI over conventional apartment revenue models

Partner with us at any phase of your project:

  • Entitlement
  • Construction
  • Lease Up
  • Operating Asset

Financial Impact

Boost your NOI while eliminating vacancy loss:

  • Improved year-one cash flow due to accelerated absorption
  • Operating expense reduction
  • NOI certainty that improves year over year

Our developer partners see an average NOI boost of 25%.

Stay Alfred’s U.S. Presence: Steady Growth

  • 600k+ Guests
  • 2000+ Units
  • 8.9 Avg. Guest Review Score

Flexible Leases to Meet Your Needs

We offer:

  • Individual Leases: A few apartments
  • Partial Building: Lease one or more floors
  • Full Building: Sole residential tenant
  • National Partnership: Multiple buildings

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Terrible refund policy

Terrible refund policy. I am forced to cancel my stay due to the covid-19 and they don't have the decency to refund my money. I can not leave my state! The customer service agent just dismissed my request and said their policy is coming from the Executives. This is a horrible way to treat your customers. I will never book a stay with them again and will advise my friends and family the same.