Make it easier for professionals and homeowners to effectively care and maintain property

Breezeway’s operations platform and messaging technology take the headaches out of property management. A lot of work goes into coordinating property care – we’ve got you covered to ensure every clean, inspection and maintenance job is done right.

Breezeway is a mobile solution for intelligent property care and maintenance. Combing robust property profiles with straightforward task management, Breezeway enables managers and owners to improve the quality and efficiency of their operations and enjoy seamless rental turnovers.

Our clients leverage Breezeway’s integrated platform to conduct inspections, monitor property cleaning and readiness, and coordinate tasks with internal staff or remote service partners.

The Old Way vs the New Way

The Old Way: Always Putting Out Fires…

  • Microsoft Excel, Paper Checklists, and other manual or outdated processes
  • Duplicative work, inefficient scheduling, and countless missed cleanings and repairs
  • Disorganized communication and documentation through notes, text messages and voicemails
  • Guest complaints, strained owner relations, and brand inconsistency

The New Way: Feeling ‘On Top Of It’…

  • Real-time operational insights to track every detail of your property care
  • A single platform that integrates with your PMS system and lets you quarterback your property care operations
  • Customized tools that empower field staff to perform quality cleans, inspections, and maintenance jobs
  • Detailed property inventories that help you leverage data and drive predictive tasks
  • Innovative messaging tools that enable you to directly communicate with guests & owners

Intelligent Task Automation & Scheduling Coordination

Running your property care through manual processes is costing your business time, money and valuable reviews. Breezeway consolidates your operations by keeping your cleaning, inspection, and maintenance teams in sync, and gives you complete visibility and control of your property care programs. See how our task automation works >

Dynamic QA Tools for Better Cleans, Inspections & Maintenance

Feeling confident that your properties are ready for guest check-in doesn’t come easily. Our customizable checklists, task monitoring dashboards, and user-friendly mobile apps equip your staff with the tools they need to perform high-quality work, and give you assurance that every property aligns with company’s brand standards. See how our QA tools work >

Robust Asset Management & Comprehensive Owner Reporting

Owners expect transparency about how their homes are maintained, but are currently aware of only ~20% of the work performed at their properties. Breezeway’s preventative maintenance and owner reporting programs help managers build trust with their clients, so they can increase owner retention and boost referral business. Learn about our asset management >

SMS Messaging for Guest Communication & Service Optimization

Hospitality providers have historically struggled with guest communication. And while 78% of travelers say SMS is preferable for service-based messaging, managers still lack the tools they need to meet rising concierge requests. Our messaging hub solves this challenge, and helps you deliver an amazing rental experience. Our messaging tech explained >

Save Time, Costs, & Headaches, and Boost your Brand and Revenue

Our property operations and services platform delivers a big ROI for your business. With more referrals and repeat stays, fewer guest complaints and missed jobs, and thousands saved in labor and operating costs – we’re in the business of helping you elevate your brand to ‘wow’ your guests and owners. See Breezeway’s benefits >

Tight Integrations with Leading PMS Systems and IoT Devices

Life is a lot easier when your property management tools work well together. Our 16+ PMS integrations automatically sync your property details and reservation data, which makes it easy for you to coordinate cleaning, inspections and maintenance. View our integrations >

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