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Local knowledge of every market combined with global processes of an international enterprise.

Whether you own a block of apartments, a villa in Tuscany or are simply going away this summer and want some extra income we have it covered!

Our service caters for every property owner and we are currently offering a full management service in 21 cities in Europe.

By bringing your property into our care, we take care of everything from check-in to check out.

Premium Short rentals

Premium Short Rentals, also known as Homesharing, has been the fastest-growing type of accommodation in the hospitality and travel market – now accounting for almost 20% of the entire supply market. ALTIDO provides end-to-end management services in order to provide the highest standards of operational services to guests.

Serviced apartment blocks

Investors are seeing strong growth in this supply area and Altido has seen huge increase in demand for this type of supply from guests due to consistency of this product. Serviced accommodation blocks sit nicely between premium short rentals and hotels. The space of a short rental, with the consistency and easy access of a hotel. ALTIDO provides end to end management in the form of lease agreements as well as share of revenue in order to provide operational excellence.

Aparthotels and guest houses

This form of supply is fast becoming the new future of the hospitality as guests are demanding the perfect combination of short rental space and uniqueness as well as hotel amenities and core concierge services. ALTIDO provides this through a unique end to- end management via lease as well as revenue share model in order to provide operational excellence from experience of management across the hospitality sector.

The apartment is very well appointed…

The apartment is very well appointed and in a great location. About a 10 minute walk to the train station which is extremely convenient. It’s a nice neighbourhood and I felt safe. There are lots of restaurants and shopping in the immediate area but it’s not noisy.

Great experience, definitely recommended

Host was hospitable enough to let us stay and check in even at nighttime. They let us use the sofa and all the amenities of the house. Kitchen and bathroom was all clean and the house was well heated up even though the temperature outside was cold. Wifi was very fast at 100mbps. The apartment is very close to the city center, just 5-10 minutes away, really close to nearby restaurant and convenient shops.