Breakfast and snack packs

Lepack provide the ultimate in convenience for your short-term rental guests.

Guests will appreciate the option of a breakfast that they can enjoy whenever they wake up in the morning and that they can even take with them if they plan to head out early. Breakfast Packs are always popular and when they contain well known and loved products, they provide a little bit of home comfort but with the added excitement of being away from home.

The company proudly offers the largest variety of breakfast options available to suit your needs.

Lepack Breakfast Packs eliminate waste, washing up and costs involved with delivering and removing breakfast trays. Bundled as a complete meal, the ‘Complete Breakfast’ includes cereal, milk, juice, tub of fruit, muffin, bowl, Carman’s Bite and spoon/napkin. They provide absolute simplicity as they can be handed to guests upon check-in.

With their current range of Kellogg’s cereal, the Breakfast Packs now include award winning Brookfarm Muesli and Granolas with a new range of 100% juice drinks.

Lepack Breakfast Packs have a shelf life of up to 4-6 months, so stock turnover will not be an urgent priority.

With a choice of Deluxe, Complete Plus, Complete and On The Go Breakfast Packs or Mini Breakfast Packs; everyone is happy. To get you off to the best start possible, Lepack Breakfast Packs are available in a Variety Pack so you can gauge the response from your customers. Variety packs contain an assortment of cereals.

Breakfast packs include gluten free options to accommodate gluten intolerances and coeliacs.

Prices for these delicious wholesale breakfast packs start as low as $3.75 + GST per pack and from $3.45 + GST for snack packs. Freight is additional. Of course, the mark-up that you apply is up to you so Lepack Breakfast Packs can be a value-add for your customers or an added revenue stream for you.

Why not try our new Australiana themed packaging with your breakfast pack order.

Lepack are suppliers of outstanding and innovative products that will exceed your expectations. The company aims to provide on-time solutions within your business’s budget. All packs are made in their HACCP approved premises

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