2nd Address

Longer stays. Less hassle.

Earn money and host business travelers for extended stays.

2nd Address offers hosts an effortless way to reach desirable long-term guests and increase rental income from your furnished apartment, condo, or home—all with less work. Our simple, secure platform delivers an elevated experience for both you and your guests, from automated rent payments to robust pricing and availability guidance. And with host-friendly guarantees and thorough guest background and credit checks, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected.

Why Host with 2nd Address?

  • High-quality guests: We cater primarily to savvy business travelers, meaning longer stays, less turnover, and more trusted, reliable guests. With in-depth screening and credit checks for all 2nd Address guests, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.
  • 2nd Address Host Assured: Our Host Assured Program has you covered, including a Rent Guarantee and comprehensive property protections in the event of unlikely damage. We even provide property, accident, and liability coverage to travelers through our Guest Assured Program, so you can be worry-free!

How Hosting Works

  1. Create your free listing: There’s no listing cost or commitment. Simply register as a new 2nd Address Host and tell us about your property.
  2. We’ll attract your ideal Guests: Our advanced search and simple messaging tools help the right Guests find your property, saving you time.
  3. Provide a stellar experience: Ensure your listing content and availability remains up-to-date, respond to inquiries promptly, and help.
  4. Get paid on time and accurately: Our secure online payment platform is seamless and quick. Easily view all payment details in your Host Dashboard.

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Beware of 2nd Address

I walked into a 2nd Address hosted, business stay approved unit that reeked (think kitty litter box and cigarette smoke)- along with having a few other issues. Communication with them is awful, and they didn’t even want to believe me. And days stuck with the lease tick by...

Do NOT use this service

Absolutely horrible experience from start to finish. Unit I rented did not have: Operating shower Hot water Light in the main room The building I was in was not safe, rat infested, and a bed bug infested mattress was left outside my door for hours. In response to the issues 2nd address gave me a $300 dollar refund (total invoice was over 5,000) and then applied a cleaning fee of $240 to the second invoice to almost directly offset the invoice. Bottom line the customer service is rude and incompetent. I would use Airbnb or just get a hotel over using this service.

Poor UX/UI and Lack of Customer Service

I listed my property with 2ndAddress. Although I got a request for a 6 mo rental, the atrocious customer service has made me wary and reluctant to work with them. I did get a call from customer service whose command over English was poor. There is lack of transparency, control and it is very nebulous process which is consistent with profits over people mentality for many of these rental sites. I find Cozy to be much easier to work with and without exorbitant monthly rental fees for both the tentant and landlord.