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  • Human connections: Share a unique perspective of your city, make new friends and help the LGBTQ community! Note that we also welcome straight hosts willing to offer an amazing experience to gay travelers!
  • Hassle free: We’ve got your back! Damages happen rarely with misterb&b but to cover your home and belongings, we are handling the security deposit for you: also choose the amount and we do the rest. We collect tourist taxes on your behalf.
  • Trust and safety: With a dedicated team and a powerful verification system, we have selected 600,000 trustful users with verified ID, email, phone number and payment details. Our two-way review system helps travelers & hosts verify who they are connecting with.
  • You are in control: You set the rules: price, discount, house rules, availabilities, deposit amount. You are free to accept or decline any request that you receive.
  • We’re here to help: Our in-house customer service team is more than willing to help you with any questions 24/7 by phone or email in the main languages.
  • Regulations (tax & law): Don’t worry about regulations, misterb&b works closely with hundreds of local administrations to make sure your listing is fully compliant.

Join over 310,000 hosts globally and earn up to $817 a week-end. It’s simple!

  1. Set up your free listing: Creating a listing on misterb&b is simple and free. Describe your accommodation, select the number of travelers you can accommodate, add photos and details and set your own price. Don’t forget to update your calendar and activate your listing!
  2. Connect with your guests: Once your listing is published, you’ll receive questions and inquiries from gay travelers around the world. Our platform makes it easy to keep track of and communicate with guests, taking you through booking and confirmation. Your guests will be at your door in no time!
  3. Receive your payment: Payment will be processed 5 to 7 days after check-in of your guest (bank transfer) or 24 to 72 hours after check-in if you chose Paypal. All payments are processed securely and managed by our payment processing team.

Fostering Connections is the DNA of Our Community

At misterb&b we believe exploring the world is an important part of the human experience. We are committed to creating a world that is accepting and non-judgmental; a welcoming world in which you can share the excitement of discovery and create lifelong memories and friendships. Helping people make a personal connection, not only with the local culture but with the local people, is how we give back to our global gay community.

Start making new connections – earning extra money – and enriching your life!

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Commissions on both Guest AND Host!

As a host, I have found MisterBandB to be a useful way of attracting new gay clientele, but unfortunately there is very little transparency in the fees that they charge both the guest AND the host. With every other online booking platform, either the guest pays a booking fee (like AirBnB) OR the host pays a booking commission (like Expedia and Booking.com). I have never in my nearly three decades of innkeeping seen a platform charge BOTH the guest and the host...until now with MisterBnB. (Note that AirBnB charges host a very small fee but that basically covers their credit card processing costs.) MisterBandB is marking up the host's rates by 15% and also charging the host a 14% commission, so a total of 29% fee going to them. This is well beyond anything that I find reasonable, especially because this is not clearly disclosed with each reservation. Customers and hosts... beware!


Dear MisterBnB, I believe I have been a MisterBnB customer for 4 years now. I can not recommend them enough as I have had only 2 issues come up over those 4-5 years. 1 was ALL my fault and had emergency in hospital and 2nd regarding a cancel, which was handled in the most professional way by the staff. I am a tough customer to manage since my background IS property management and I own a small property management company in Florida. For my 2nd bedroom in my own home I use MisterBnB it is just easier less stressful. Service personified excellence, they are always quite quickly responsive to queries and polite and the payment work up is fair. I don’t agree with this voucher program but I have not run into this specifically I just read the review here. I feel if cash needs to be refunded it should be refunded. I don't believe in vouchers unless they are for point systems for product purchases. 🙂 MisterBnB has been a great method to meet travelers from all around the world while offering a useful service as well. Every one of my past guests have been exemplary, just perfect in every way making my life a little less lonely. I am familiar with other vacation rental companies I would never use any other company. Thank you! John P. Miami

The whole concept of Air B&B has been…

The whole concept of Air B&B has been demolished/trashed by Mister Air B&B, selling multi-bungalow units like hotels, charging hundreds of dollars with no security, no cleaning crew and no one to reach out when people are partying all night and loud. And when reaching out to them, they are not willing to hear you or consider your option. And not to leave out that this suppose to be gay-friendly and some relation to gayness, and there is not enough minute evidence of this. Very disappointing.