Having the perfect listing, being the perfect host and having the perfect place amount to nothing if no one knows you even exist.

Airbnb will display listings in search results that meet a guest’s specified criteria. Guests looking for a place to stay are required at minimum to provide a destination for where they wish to travel.

Most guests will also enter travel dates, and many will also enter additional search criteria like room type, price range, home size and amenities.

#Airbnb will display 18 listings per page, and a maximum of 17 pages (i.e. max of 306 listings). Therefore, in big cities with lots of listings, many places that meet a guest’s search criteria won’t even be displayed to potential guests. Click To Tweet

Listings that do not appear on the first few pages of search results have little chance of being booked. The deeper your listing appears within the search results, the less likely you are to be seen by prospective guests.

Whilst the specific search algorithm used by Airbnb in determining listing placement remains unknown, there are a number of things that are known to assist with getting found more often...

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