Airbnb assist hosts to track and measure their performance as well as identify areas they’re able to continually improve upon.

They do this by sharing dynamic statistics, insights, tips and recommendations on your areas of greatest strengths as well as biggest improvement opportunities.

You’re able to gain useful intelligence on your Airbnb performance in the Ratings and Views sections of the Progress tab within your Airbnb account.

We overview these two sections below...

You can gain these insights by logging into Airbnb and going to Progress > Ratings.

You’ll be presented with statistics and insights across each of the six different review criteria as well as the overall experience.

It will also let you know if any of your recent ratings were less than 5 stars.

Views and Bookings

Airbnb also provide you with granular reporting data on the number of views your listing has received over the last month as well as on any given day that has passed. You can gain these insights by logging into Airbnb and going to Progress > Views.

It will also tell you your booking rate – the percentage of guests that end up booking your place after viewing your listing.

You should continually monitor this data, and track your month-on-month performance. Note changes that take place to infer any insights you might be able to draw from the data.

For example, if your issue is a reduction in views, you may wish to consider reviewing your strategies for getting found more often, improving your listing namepricing and photos, or working on improving your ratings.

However, if your issue is a reduction in bookings, you may wish to consider improving your pricing and photos, or working on improving your ratingsreviews or listing descriptions.

Let’s consider an example of two consecutive sample months:

By comparing the two months, we’re able to note any month-on-month changes as well as identify any conversion “bottlenecks” that are occurring. Using the example above, some questions that a host may wish to ask themselves would be…

What caused the reduction in listing views from January to February? Is it because you're…

Not getting found in search results?


Suffering from worse ratings?

How are you able to maintain (and improve) the uplift in bookings achieved in February? Was this caused because you…

Reduced your prices?

Gained additional / better reviews?

Improved listing descriptions and/or photos?

As you can see, these statistics enable you to think like a doctor diagnosing the cause of an illness or identifying the reasons behind improved health.

The majority of Airbnb hosts pay little attention to these insights, nor use them for these diagnostic purposes. This data represents a goldmine opportunity for you to move beyond using just your gut instincts, and start complementing your intuition with a data-driven, evidence-based approach for becoming an A+ Airbnb host.

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